Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

:rofl::joy: at first I thought that this offer was “record-breaking”. Not so.

D Blade 1x = S$8.50 / US$6.00
4AM - your choice - 3x = S$21.00 / US$15.00
3AM 2x = S$4.50 / US$3.00
**Value of 3/4AM = S$32.50 / US$24.00

Offer price = S$34.98 / US$24.99
**Premium for this offer = S$2.48 / US$0.99
(Small enough if player needs this offer urgently. Would have been nice if SGG had thrown in like 500 gems as a sweetener rather than levy a $ premium.)



February mats offer #5

Date: 19 February (appeared during Challenge Festival :face_with_monocle:)
Duration: 2 days
Offer: Choose Your Ascension!

4x AM 4* D-blade (fixed) plus choice of 3x same 4 star mat from Rings/Telescope/Darts/Tabard/Tonic
2x AM 3* Gloves, Compass (fixed)
Price: AUD38.99
Qty: 1

Excluding the 3* mats, this works out as AUD9.75 per d-blade/choice of 4* mat. :face_with_monocle:

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In case you are yet to log into the game, this offer is back now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I bought it already, but thanks for the notification.

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First offer for tome of emblems. :face_with_monocle:
A new record for most amount of screen space @BlackZed?

Yeah it’s the biggest space user to date.

And yes, this is the first time. Analysis coming.

I was waiting for Magpies this month. When none arrived at the beginning of the month, and Emblem Mayhem (whatever that was called) was released, I had a bad feeling that Magpies offer has been canned. Sigh

The numbers:
Starting from Tier 3 which sets the base price for each emblem in this offer :

TIER 3 - 2 offers - $6.98 per offer
35 emblems per class, 5 classes = 175 emblems = $0.04 per emblem
(This offer is slightly more expensive than the cheapest emblem offer to date, which was $0.03 per emblem. Magpie is $0.05 per emblem)

TIER 2A - $14.98
90 emblems - 3 classes = $3.60
Epic Tome = $11.38 for 3 golden emblems

Each golden emblem = $3.80
Max value per golden emblem = node 20 5* = 250 emblems = $0.015 per emblem.
Minimum value per golden emblem = node 2 5* = 50 emblems = $0.08 per emblem

In reality, more likely to be last 3 nodes for 5* = 3 golden emblems => 425 emblems value => $0.03 per emblem. Which comes back to that lowest price per emblem.

TIER 2B - $28.98
180 emblems - 3 classes = $7.20
Epic Tome 2x = $21.78
Price per Epic Tome = $10.89 (5% “bulk” discount)

Each golden emblem = $3.63
Max value - 250 emblems = $0.015 per emblem
Min value - 50 emblems = $0.07 per emblem

Last 3 nodes for 5* = 425 emblems = $0.03 per emblem

TIER 1 - $68.98
800 emblems = $32.00
Legendary Tome = $36.98

Each golden emblem = $3.70
Max value - 250 emblems = $0.015 per emblem
Min value - 50 emblems = $0.07 per emblem

In Real Life = best to use only for last 2 nodes for 5*: 2 golden emblems = 375 emblems = $0.02 per emblem.
Otherwise, hold.



Sadly tomes are highly overpriced.

One Epic Tome of Golden emblems gives 3 golden emblems. In the best case scenario these would represent 750 emblems, being used as a last node of any 5* hero. However that’s definitely not always the case. I’d say that one Golden emblem has an average value of 100 original emblems of your choosing, which you have to spend at one node (i.e. you cannot use them to get several nodes on a 3* or a 4*).

So for example the offer for $15 = 390 emblems. For me personally that is way too overpriced.

I don’t really understand what you are saying. Why would you give an average value of 100 if you can use it to fill a last node? Is the value not 250 and if you use it on anything else you are just not getting full value? Maybe I’m just confused at what you are trying to say.

It fills 10 nodes (the legendary one) but there is only 8 nodes on 5* heroes :thinking:, am I wrong ? Merci

There are 20 nodes for every hero, be hero 3,4 or 5*.

Up to you how you want to use those golden emblems.

Wow thanks to this offer finally I can see how legendary tome of anything looks like in the game.

It’s not a legend in the end, you just need to pay 50 USD to get it.

One more reason to stay cheap and not chase the top anymore. Thanks for keeping me motivated :upside_down_face:


Of course you should use the Golden Emblems ONLY for the last nodes. You would be crazy, if not. :man_shrugging: :rofl: I bought the 9,99 offer, which got me 840 emblems in total. Pretty cool. But I think it depends on your current situation. I had 3 heroes at +19, so it fitted perfectly.

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The Legendary Tome of Golden Emblems would give me the most effiency in emblems gain. My heroes stops at +19 emblems. But I won’t buy the package. Still hoping one day it shows up in my loot.

I use them on the 125 emblem nodes as well. Those are a much bigger bottleneck as I have multiple heroes that need emblems. The last node is often not a critical one, but getting my heroes to 18 or 19 emblems is more important to me.


Bwahahaha it’s back!

3AM = S$1.50 / US$1.00 each
4AM (D Blade & Tome ) = S$8.50 / US$6.00 each
4AM (elemental) = S$7.00 / US$5.00 each


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My guess is that if each of the mats could be picked instead of having them fixed as it is, more people would buy them. For example, although I would never would buy such an offer, I currently need Sturdy Shields only - rest of the 3* mats are almost useless to me. So in my exaple I would be paying $6 for one shield if I chose to buy the 1st offer.

Same is probably true about the 4* mats offer and other players who would buy something like that.

That’s what the earlier offer is for. Pick n choose your 4AM.

Not quite what you are looking for though.

Hope you get what you need soon.

Got exactly 1 epic ascension material from beating 14 star titans with A+/A/B ranks for the whole month but here I can have 10+ of them within a couple days if I only pay 100 USD.

I know the offers to buy ascension mats were always there, but never this common. You could maybe double the pace at which you get them when you were paying; now you can like what… get 5-10 times more for making purchases? Disgusting.


February mats offer #6

Date: 23 February
Duration: 2 days
Offer: The Magic of Ascension! Tier 2

2x AM 4* D-blade, Tome
Price: AUD17.99
Qty: 2

Offer: The Magic of Ascension! Tier 3

5x AM 4* Rings, Telescope, Darts, Tabard, and Tonic
Price: AUD38.99
Qty: 1

“Super Rare Offer!” :face_with_monocle:

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Don’t think it’s that rare. Last round was last month ?