Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

Throw in Soul Exchange = 9

Perhaps they should do an event - Deals Rises - where folks dismiss pop ups after pop ups unless they buy 1. And then the cycle repeats.

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It’s 7 excluding pov.

  1. Offer of the Souls (SE)
  2. Feel the Might Yang Mai
  3. Freya AM offer
  4. AR offer
  5. Zeline offer
  6. Magpies
  7. Phoenix VIP
  8. POV

A new record for sure

You missed Offer of the Souls

I didn’t. It’s under SE. 6 icons plus Phoenix flapping away at the stronghold.

Oh, I see. I was counting SE and OOTS as 2 as they are 2 different icons. I mean one did sink their money in pulling those dupes for SE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Inflation is now official. The inaugural portal with summons at 400 gems each.

Date: 25 August 2022
Offer: Riches of Covenant
Price: Varies

Tier 1 S$5.98 / US$3.99

300 coins = 1200 gems => $17.25 from Shop
Discount 65%

Each summon = S$2.00 / US$1.33
Otherwise, it would be S$5.75, US$4 (400 gems from Shop, best gem deal)

Tier 2 S$14.98 / US$9.99

Loot tix 10x = $0.70
Rest of offer (see below) = $14.28

800 coins = 3200 gems
WE Flask = 100 gems
Timestop = 60 gems
Value in gems = 3360 gems => $48.29 from Shop
Discount 70%

Focusing only on coins:
800 coins = 3200 gems => $46
Discount 67%

Each summon = S$1.87 / US$1.25

Date: 26 August 2022
Offer: Riches of Covenant D2
Price: Varies

D2 T1 S$6.99 / US$4.99

Gems = 400
Coins 250 = 1000 gems
Value in gems = 1400 => $20.12 from Shop
Discount 65%

Purchase all 3 for S$20.94 for 10.5 summons
Each summon = S$1.99 / US$1.43

D2 T2 S$44.98 / S$29.99

Gems = 3000
Coins 1000 = 4000 gems
Value in gems = 7000 => $100.60 from Shop
Discount 55%

17x summons @ S$2.65 / US$1.76 each

D2 Buy All T1 & T2 S$65.92 / US$44.96

Gems = 4200
Coins 1750 = 7000 gems
Value in gems = 11200 => $160.95
Discount 59%

27.5x summons @ S$2.40 / US$1.63 each

Update 28 August 2022: D1 is repeated for D3, and D2 for D4.

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Very tempted to get offer 2. Or will we get s better offer in the next few days.

I think another offer (at least 1 more) will pop up tomorrow. More gem/ coin offer. Or maybe all gems.

This portal runs for 4 days.

Unusual for Zynga/SGG to not maximise revenue.

So maybe 4 days of offers.

Possibly. Fairly confident of second offer tomorrow. That second offer, probably tiered, with more enticing micro transactions, may last for 3 days.


Nope. Only a day so more offers are coming :money_mouth_face:

They should be offering 4000 gems or even 3400 gems to make it at par with rest of the offers where gems let you do a 10 pull

They dropped the 10 flasks didn’t they?

Think the 10 flasks usually come with a S$44.98 / US$29.99 type of offer.

Not with S$14.98 / US$9.99 offer unless the offer is a WE intensive event/map related offer.

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Let’s see what transpired over the next 2 days.

My mistake I looked at the picture quickly and missed it wasn’t the one with 3000 gems, 10 summons (and 10 flasks)

They just rotated D1/D2 offers for D3/D4 - their level of creativity is lacking ascension mats I guess

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Yup. I was surprised. It’s a first for this game to have D1/2 repeated for D3/4.

Maybe the S&M team hasn’t had time to come up with more varied offers.

Was waiting for this.
Use this link for the analysis:

This offer was released by mistake, ahead of it’s time. I managed to SS the offer before it disappeared.

Date: 30 August 2022
Offer: Feel The Force (Esme)
Price: S$14.98 / US$9.99

S4 1000 coins = 3500 gems => $50.30 from Shop
Discount 70%

10 summons : Per summon = S$1.498 / US$0.999

This offer is better value if player only wants coins, compared to the “Feel The Power Elradir” offer or S4 Underwild offers. Refer to this link:


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Do you have it available? It’s not present on my game screen anymore. It’s disappeared shortly after an offer with Valhalla coins appear.