Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

:eyes: Here I thought this would be one of the shittiest offers!

It’s one of the best offers for MT if you are in a 30/30 alliance and everyone purchases that offer at least once.

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Shouldn’t this be 100 gems less?

Also this can’t be right, because it implies that a 1/1 alliance gets a 97.51% discount on the items, when they don’t get anything from alliance-mates. Should it be ~3.4% (1/29) less per missing member? Or ~3.37% (97.8/29)?

The % discounts also assumes you value these items equal to SG’s assigned shop value. I personally don’t value Titan Banners at 100 gems each, as it’s only a 20% increase over dragon banner, of which I have over 400, plus I normally bring an attack buffer who gives +48% for most colors. Nor do I value Hurricanes at 250 gems each when 40 of them come as a reward from Valor Pass every second (or third?) month.

I hear ya and I agree and disagree with you at the same time, if it makes sense. I think I’ve had the same argument with someone else on this thread or the other, where we spoke about how the “perceived value” may differ from player to player.

Most of the times, @BlackZed analysis also shows the discount w/o battle/crafting items too and sometimes I use them as an indicator.

In the end, we all have various factors that go into making something valuable or not. Unfortunately, that also means that it is very hard to assign a realistic value on these that will suit everyone. So, we stick to a common baseline. That way, each player can evaluate according to their own strengths, stockpiles, needs and style. As long as we all understand that I think this is fine.

None of this is real, and once hit the buy button, your money stops being real too :grin: Take it with grain of salt, and to each his/her/their own, eh? :beers:


Thanks for picking up the error. I have edited my post.

The incremental discount from items gifted from an alliance mate is based on a 30/30 alliance.

If it’s a 1/1 alliance, it’s just the base discount: 86%.

Value for anything in RL or Game is always from the Beholder’s perspective, and therefore subjective.

My calculations are based on as objective as possible bases. My readers ultimately decide for themselves whether an offer is good value for them.

In your context, Titan banners are not worth your money. That’s fair enough. Don’t buy the offer then.


The “Feel The Power” Senan offer has been updated to a 2 Tier offer fronted by Elradir:

Date: 19 August 2022
Offer: Feel The Power! (Elradir)
Price: Varies

Tier 1 S$44.98 / US$29.99

15m Ham = $16.11
S4 Coins & Flasks => $28.87

Valued in gems :
2000 S4 Coins = 7000 gems
10 WE Flasks = 1000 gems
Value in Gems = 8000 => $114.97 from Shop
Discount 75%

If player is only interested in summon coins, it will be S$2.25 / US$1.50 per summon. This offer is comparable to the ToU D1 $44.98 offer, except for the absence of gems, which is replaced with Ham.

Tier 2 S$6.98 / US$4.99

Master Trainers 1* 5x = 6600XP
Master Trainers 2* 5x = 9900XP
Master Trainers 3* 1x = 3300XP
Value in XP = 19800
Price per 1000XP = $0.3525

This is the lowest price per 1000XP to date.
Extrapolating to each master trainer tier :
1* 1320XP = $0.4653
2* 1980XP = $0.69795
3* 3300XP = $1.16325
4* 6600XP = $2.3265

Previous prices for 1000XP:
18 June 2022 offer = $0.483
22 July 2022 offer = $0.3917

This downward trend reduces the discount in regular offers featuring Master Trainers.



Love the trend analysis as well value with just the coins. I was hoping for another “hamgate” with tier 1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I thought that the value (price) of master trainers had stabilised. I went ahead to start updating my earlier posts on offers featuring master trainers.

Then on Day 3 (today), BAM …. This offer appears and the price of Master Trainers has declined yet again. :laughing:

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I am kinda interested for tier 1 of “Feel the Powah” mainly because of ham (but also because Xnol is featured). 15M of ham is nothing to sneeze at. Otherwise comparable to Underwild offer day 1 tier 1 minus the ham and 1000 coins instead of 3000 gems (which is the same thing if you intend to use them in Underwild portal).

Yeah that Powah T1 offer is tempting. 1.5M hammmm! Still mulling it over. Decisions! Decisions!

15M, which is quite a lot honestly.

Yup. I was waiting for the usual 6.5M ham offer for $6.98 each. This Powah offer does make more sense. Will bite at the Nth hour.

Dem Roses are back again. Not even 2 weeks.

Based on your post, only 12 days!

What happened to all the other offers?!

Roses Are Red
Wallets Are Blue
A Scent Like No Other
Freshly Minted or Not


Hold strong, soldier


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Date: 23 August 2022
Offer: Feel The Might (Yang Mai)
Price: Varies

Tier 1 S$44.98 / US$29.99

Ham 25m = $26.85
Iron 10m = $17.00
Therefore, 50 Flasks = $1.13

50x Flasks = 5000 gems => $71.85 from Shop
Discount 98%

Ignoring the Iron:
Ham 25m = $26.85
50 Flasks = $18.13 (Discount 75%)
=> Each flask = $0.3626

Tier 2 S$14.98 / US$9.99

Ham 10m = $10.74
Iron 5M = $8.50
Therefore, 3 Flasks = Free

Ignoring Iron:
Ham 10m = $10.74
3 Flasks = $4.24

3 Flasks = 300 gems => $4.311 from Shop
Discount on Flasks 2%


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Thank you again @BlackZed
Very helpful work!

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At this rate, this game will soon be called Deals and Puzzles - 7 deals is a new high I guess


6 icons plus Phoenix VIP = 7 :rofl::joy:

Throw in POV for those who have yet to buy theirs = 8

Yes, I do agree with you that it’s a new high.

Throw in Soul Exchange = 9

Perhaps they should do an event - Deals Rises - where folks dismiss pop ups after pop ups unless they buy 1. And then the cycle repeats.

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It’s 7 excluding pov.

  1. Offer of the Souls (SE)
  2. Feel the Might Yang Mai
  3. Freya AM offer
  4. AR offer
  5. Zeline offer
  6. Magpies
  7. Phoenix VIP
  8. POV

A new record for sure