Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

Anyone know about the new offer?

Which offer ? What would you like to know ?

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This one please

This is the best aethers offer so far. Straight forward, with a choice in element for Aether III, plus a handful of Aether II and I, which are needed in bigger quantities.

Aether III 2x @$2.50 = $5.00
Aether II 10x @$0.50 = $5.00
Aether I 20x @$0.25 = $5.00

Translation rate for £ to Singapore dollars:
£8.99 @1.666 to S$14.98

Aether III S$2.50 = £1.50 each
Aether II S$0.50 = £0.30 each
Aether I S$0.25 = £0.15 each


Thanks, I had a feeling it was good :+1:


Date: 26 June 2022
Offer: Gems from The Deep (Mystery Offer)
Price: $4.48 / $28.98

1200 gems for $4.48 3x = $13.44
3200 gems = $28.98
Total 4400 gems = $42.42
Price for the same 4400 gems from Shop = $63.23
Discount 33%

Compared with S4 D1:

600 gems $4.48 ($8.62 from Shop)
Discount 48%


thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it!

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What’s this in usd??

US$2.99 => SG$4.48 (Singapore dollars)
US$19.99 => SG$28.98
Apple in-app pricing is standardised.

I focus on the discount. It’s similar regardless of currency.

@BlackZed can we get discount about this offer?

In usd $99.99. It will be S$148.98 for me.

I need the full list of details. That’s a partial list you posted.

There should be at least 10,000 gems.

10,000 gems from Shop = S$148.98 /US$99.99

The rest of the items would be the “bonus” that contribute to the discount.

I don’t think i ever saw that offer at all. Wtf

I looked at time of posting and it wasnt on my offers.

@Deathh @Predatorhunter

That looks like one of those “exclusive” offers to those who slowed down on spending or almost stopped spending.

Those who “spend regularly” or have been f2p long enough won’t receive these exclusive offers. Lol


These are the full details. Zed is correct that it is a targetted offer


That really is quite the haul… but at what cost… :money_mouth_face:

Date : Unknown
Offer : Hunter’s Loot (Lianna)
Price : S$148.98 / US$99.99 / €109.99

This is one of the special offers that are made to targets identified by the “marketing/sales algorithm”. It is not a standard general release.

Tome S$8.50
4AM 2x $14.00
Shield $1.50
Price for 3/4AM = $24.00
Price for the other stuff = $124.98

Gem & Gem Equivalents $124.98

Super Mana 20x = 1000 gems
Bear Banner 20x = 233 gems
Raid Flask 5x = 500 gems
Revive Scroll 5x = 120 gems
Miracle Scroll 1x = 100 gems
Gems = 12,500
(No value assigned to farmable CM or Silver tokens)
Value in Gems = 14,453 => S$207.70 from Shop
Discount 40%


Oh wow, had no idea it was targetted. I just bought PoV a few days ago so I dunno about stopping spending but I’m c2p so :man_shrugging:t3:

Thanks for the breakdown! I didn’t buy it but the qty of gems is same as Black Friday if I’m not mistaken so thought it’d be a good offer.

Lucky you then. I have not received that offer (yet).

Yeah the 12.500 gems is usually the clincher. Folks see the 12.500 and then forget about everything else in that offer. Lol

Update: see @BlackZed post for a more accurate calculation Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?) - #389 by BlackZed

@BlackZed attempting to do what you do. Looks like this is another one of those exclusive offers

Offer: Royal Treasures

:warning: All prices are in USD and all gem costs are from US shop

Tier 1

Gems = 500
EHT 1x = 300 Gems
WE Flasks 1x = 100 Gems
100k Food Bundle = ???

Total Gems = 900
Cost of gems from shop (USD) = $8.91
Price (USD) = $4.99
Discount = 44%

Tier 2

Gems = 3000
4AM 1x = 300 gems
3AM 1x = 150 gems

----- Crafting Mats ------
Time stops 3x = 180 gems
Dragon Attack 3x = 225 gems
Tornadoes 3x = 225 gems
Turtle Banner 5x = 250 gems
Revive Scroll 1x = 80 gems
Bomb Attack 3x = 240 gems
Timestop 3x = 180 gems

Value in gems = 4830
Cost of gems from shop (USD) = $47.82
Price (USD) = $19.99
Discount = 58%

----- Value without crafting mats (farmable or craftable) -----

Value in gems = 3450
Cost of gems from shop (USD) = $34.11
Price (USD) = $19.99
Discount = 42%

Let me know if something doesn’t look right.