Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

It’s in today’s offer. Last Tier. Need to buy tier 1-4 to unlock Tier 5

Yeah T3 looks good to me too. But to have to hurdle across T2…, hmmmm

Most of the SG offers are good to heavy spenders coz it is much better than the regular in-store offers so these players tend to buy it anyway. So IMO, how to entice the C2P players to buy into these offers and capture the additional share of wallet will be key to achieve sustained growth in SG’s biz performance.

Tier 1 - this is for heavy spenders… I don’t think C2P players will pay for loot tickets and WE flasks. Even if they do, there are probably better offers outside

Tier 2/3 - these are for C2P players… Anything that is around $1 per summon is considered as a good offer in this game. But Tier 3 is better than Tier 2 given it is $10 for 10 pulls plus extra 600 gems which is equivalent to 2 additional pulls. Food in Tier 2 is again something that only whales or heavy spenders will pay for. Value for ETT is also meaningfully lower. Not to say there is no value, but I think neither is top priority for C2P players.

Tier 4/5 - these are again for heavy spenders only. Not much to comment.

Should they make Tier 3 available without buying Tier 1 and 2, a C2P player like myself will be tempted. But given I have to buy Tier 1 and 2 first, it is then a clear pass for me.

I don’t really understand the rationale of hiding the better offers behind the less worthy ones. SG’s intention is to maximizing PnL but in reality it may end up with losing potential revenue that they could have earned.


Has anybody bought today’s gems offer? I wonder what is a special offer there

Coming. Loading post now.


Date: 20 April 2022
Offer: Gem Whirlpool
Price: $1.48 / $6.98

Buy 5x $1.48 = $7.40
750 gems => $10.78 from Shop
Discount 31%

Mystery offer $6.98
1000 gems => $14.37 from Shop
Discount 51%

Overall $14.38
1750 gems => $25.15 from Shop
Discount 43%



Thank you. Looks worse than every offer during events/seasons


It’s back, this time in red.

Date: 20 April 2022
Offer: Aethers Aplenty
Price: $44.98

Aethers - Red for $22.50
Aether I 30x = $7.50
Aether II 15x = $7.50
Aether III 3x = $7.50

Gems 2000 for $22.48
Price from Shop = $28.74
Discount 22%

The gem discount is now smaller compared to previous month offer because aether prices have dropped.

Update 20 July 2022

Gems have increased from 2000 to 2500.

Updated Breakdown:
Aethers = $22.50 (see above)
2500 gems = $22.48
Price from Shop = $35.93
Discount 37%


Definitely. Better off buying that mystery pyramid offer

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April aethers offer #5

Date: 20 April

I guess the next aethers offer will be Choose Your Limit Break! It first appeared on 21 March.

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Yeah. Was thinking that too.

Three big ones in this offer.
Choose 2 big reds in that other offer.
And another red 5* is LB

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My initial offer is 150 gems for $0.99 USD. Is yours in different dollars?

What currency is this? Mine is 99 cents, not 1.48.

I am from Singapore. In Singapore dollars.

The discount will be approximately similar for all currencies.

Apple n Google use template pricing for in app purchases for apps hosted by them.


Yours is in USD. I am from Singapore. Mine is in Singapore dollars.

Apple n Google uses template pricing for in app purchases for apps hosted by them.

The discount will be similar.

Poor little seahorses this is the worst offer in awhile

Yeah. It’s a shame that they assigned nicer creatures to this mystery offer.

They should have used trolls.



If SG wants to make $, they need to bring out better offers.

Offers from events (e.g. AR, Challenge Events, VF, Tower Events etc.) have already set the standard.

  • 200 gems per $1
  • 1 summon per $1

They need to do better than that in order to attract players (especially the C2P pool) to purchase the ad hoc offers that they are promoting.

E.g. the improvement in PoV rewards for the premium pass is a good move to attract more players to pay for the premium pass.

Making an special offer of 250 gems per $1 every 2-3 months is not going to break the game balance, but it will help them make more $. On the other hand, I can’t really see many players buy the 150 gems per $1 offer knowing that they can get 200 gems per $1 in multiple other occasions throughout the month.


Don’t think SGG is targeting c2p for these adhoc offers. At least most of them anyway. There’s an occasional decent offer.