Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

Somehow this offer didn’t appear for me. I had some troops offer (that one with multiple 2* troops and other stuff).

February aethers offer #2 / mats offer #3

Date: 14 February
Duration: 50 days
Offer: Valor Pass
Instant Contents:
Gems 300
Avatar Margaret

Premium Reward Contents:
1x LB 5* :yellow_circle:
5x LB 4* :yellow_circle:
8x LB 3* :yellow_circle:

1x AM 4* Telescope The free of charge reward is a Mystic Rings.
1x AM 3* Hidden Blade The free of charge reward is a Cape.

Gems 600
Challenge coins 30
Underwild coins 300

Barbarian Emblems 160
WE flasks 8
Raid flasks 6
Loot tickets 40
Mega Valor Chest etc
Price: AUD14.99

Offer: Elite Valor Pass
Instant Contents:
Gems 1,000
Valor Points 9,000
Valor avatar frame (temporary)
Avatar Margaret
Avatar Ranvir

Premium Reward Contents:
Same as for Valor Pass
Price: AUD46.99*

*This is the same price as the Phoenix VIP. :face_with_monocle:

Here are the current avatars:

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Lucky you! Spared a few pop ups

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February aethers offer #3

Date: 16 February
Duration: 1.5 days
Offer: Aethers Aplenty
3x LB 5* :green_circle:
15x LB 4* :green_circle:
30x LB 3* :green_circle:
Gems 2,000
Price: AUD46.99*
Qty: 1

*This is the same price as the Phoenix VIP, and Elite Valor Pass (all different contents). :face_with_monocle:

ETA: Wow, this offer has drastically changed as per an older screenshot - they tripled the amount of aethers, and reduced the gems amount by 1,000. @BlackZed

Offer: Aethers Aplenty previous
1x LB 5* :purple_circle:
5x LB 4* :purple_circle:
10x LB 3* :purple_circle:
Gems: 3,000
Price: $29.99 (currency unknown)

Thanks @MangoMadness for posting a screenshot. Care to advise which currency the offer was in?


I bet it was a mistake… 3 ether 5* for that price. anyway I took it

February mats offer #4

Date: 16 February (appeared at the same time of Aether Aplenty offer)
Duration: 2 days
Offer: Arctic Adventure Bundles Tier 3

2x AM 4* Tome, D-blade
2x AM 3* Compass, Gloves
Gems 11,000
And more.
Price: AUD159.99*
Qty: 1

*This is the same price as the Happy Lunar New Year! 2022 Tier 2 offer on 31 January. :face_with_monocle:

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Wow there are a lot of offers these days :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for tracking @SamMe & @BlackZed

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I didn’t expect to see the bottom falling off Aether offers so fast. :rofl::joy:

For this offer, since it’s offered in this mode:

Starting from Gems =

2000 gems (after factoring in 50% discount from shop price ) = $14.37

Value of Aethers = $30.61

If I look at the numerical grouping, it seems to indicate :

10 Aether I = 1 Aether III
5 Aether II = 1 Aether III

meaning this offer is essentially 9x Aether III

Price of Aether III = $3.50 (rounded up from $3.40)
Price of Aether II = $0.70
Price of Aether I = $0.35

This is the first Aether offer at such reduced prices.

For emblems, it was > $0.10, then $0.07, then to $0.05, and now $0.03.


:rofl::joy: there should be even more soon.

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I searched and didn’t find any previously posted information on this offer. I couldn’t tell you whether the quantity of gems or LB is the same as offered before. :rofl:

Hope you enjoy your purchase!

Previous offers didn’t have as many aethers.

At best 1x Aether III, maybe 3-5x Aether II and <10x Aether I.

There was an earlier thread on Aethers, but to gauge player response: likelihood of exiting if Aethers go on sale



Search here for the early Aether offers

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I was literally looking at that thread - sadly my most replied topic - before I read your reply. :rofl:

Yes there are. Since I’m not the target market for these offers, this is the first time I’ve looked at medium and large sized offers more closely. I’m not fussed about the cost of any offer (I think everyone should spend as much or as little on the game as what makes them happy). I suppose I’m somewhat surprised at the frequency of certain offers…

You’re welcome @Ranvir. :smile:


Best green Aether offer so far. I am wondering if this one is designed for those whom could not complete the Green Aether Quest to help out the newer underdeveloped rosters. Looks to be almost a full set! Wish it was the purple ones!

Looks to just be a desperate discount - apparently the 1 big aether for 40 USD didn’t sell too well. And well, no surprises there. Limit Breaking just isn’t worth that much. Even if I didn’t mind the price, I felt no desire to buy the offer, if for the same price I could have 20-30 premium pulls.

10 USD is max I would pay for a big aether, and that would only be in the color where I have obvious candidate for LB.


Looks that way to me too. Time will tell

That Aether offer almost got me buying it and destroying my c2p style. Almost. 30 small aethers for $30, with additional gems…

Then I remembered that I win most of my raids and all of my wars and qualify pretty well in tournaments already even with the current Aether shortage…so I reconsidered.

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You probably already know this a repeat offer. :wink:

The question is how often, and whether there is a set cycle of elements. :face_with_monocle: I may continue updating this thread with offers past February (in less detail :smirk:).

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Thank you @Suicide_Bunny for sharing your opinion on this updated aether offer.

As someone who was not a huge fan of LB before they were introduced to the live game, I currently don’t care for aether offers. That written, I don’t care for the vast majority of offers. I’m not the target market. :wink: