Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

Easter 2022 is upon us.

The first offer!

Date : 21 March 2022
Offer : Springvale D1
Price : S$14.98 / US$9.99

EL 4AM : Telescope = S$7.00 / US$5.00
1000 gems = S$7.98 / US$4.99
Discount 45%

Value of 1000 gems from Shop = $14.37

Date: 14 October 2022
Offer: Morlovia D13
Price: S$14.98 / US$9.99

A similar offer from Morlovia. Breakdown will be as above.

Date : 4 October 2022
Offer : Halloween Offer D2
Price : S$14.98 / US$9.99

Non EL 4AM = S$8.50 / US$6.00

1000 gems = S$6.48 / US$3.99
Price for 1000 gems from Shop = S$14.37
Discount 55%

The offer with either a D Blade or Tome offers better value.



Date : 21 March 2022
Offer : Choose Your Limit Break
Price : $14.98

The sky has FALLEN! Yet again.

Components :
Aether III = 2x @$3.50 = $7.00
Aether II = 10x @$0.70 = $7.00
Aether I = 20x @$0.35 = $7.00
Value of Offer using previously lowest price of Aethers = $21.00
Discount of 29%

Looking at it from another perspective, price of Aethers have now dropped a notch!

Updated values of Aethers:
Aether III = 2x @2.50 = $5.00
Aether II = 10x @0.50 = $5.00
Aether I = 20x @$0.25 = $5.00
Total for offer = $15.00 (save $0.02)

This will be the revised values for Aethers going forward



Interesting dragon art. I wonder if that’s a sneaky sneak preview of things to come this year.


Possibly. I hope it’s a challenge tower

Date: 22 March 2022
Offer : Springvale D2
Price : $44.98


Aether III = 3x @$2.50 => $7.50
Aether II = 15x @$0.50 => $7.50
Aether I = 30x @$0.25 => $7.50
Price for Aethers = $22.50
(Revised pricing has kicked in since SGG has reduced prices in their 21 March 2022 offer. Otherwise it would be $31.50)

Gems 2000 = $22.48 (Discount 22%)
Value of 2000 gems from shop = $28.74
The discount would have been better, had aether prices not dropped.


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Date : 22 March 2022
Offer : Summoning Extravaganza
Price : $44.98


S2-4 = (4x @1400 gems)*3 => 5200 gems

ToL, Tower, Challenge, Costume, EHT
= (4x @1200 gems)*5 = 6000 gems

Offer value in gems = 11,200
Equivalent price from shop = $160.05
Discount = 72%

UPDATE 5 November 2022

Date: 5 November 2022
Offer: Summoning Extravaganza (upgraded)
Price: S$44.98 / US$29.99

Yeah this offer has been upgraded, and carries greater value, since it includes the more expensive portals.

S5 400x coins = 1400 gems => S$5.62
S3 400x coins = 1400 gems => S$5.62
S4 400x coins = 1400 gems => S$5.62
SE 400x coins = 1600 gems => S$6.43
CoC 400x coins = 1600 gems => S$6.43
Challenge 40x coins = 1200 gems => S$4.82
Costume 20x Keys = 1400 gems => S$5.62
W3K 400x coins = 1200 gems => S$4.82
Value in gems = 11200 => S$160.95
Discount 72%

Price per summon:
S3-5, Costume = S$1.405
SE / CoC = S$1.6075
Challenge, W3K = S$1.205


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Looks like they reworked this last one, from what I remember last time it featured silver coins and less overall pulls. Still not a great offer which imho as it split the price over several portals

March aethers offer #3


Date: 21 March
Duration: 2 days
Offer: Choose Your Limit Break!

March aethers offer #4

Date: 22 March
Duration: 1 day
Offer: Spring Offers Day 2

And to think it was quiet on aether offers this month! A brand new aethers offer on two consecutive days. :face_with_monocle:

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With offers for Aethers everywhere, and their dropping prices, looks like SGG finally realized those were heavily overpriced. HEAVILY. In the past I was buying offers with 4* mats in it, because there’s a special joy in being able to max your new legendary hero sooner… So I was willing to pay even ridiculous amounts… But for Aethers? The fact that it’s the same hero, just somewhat stronger, makes me totally ok to wait couple of months… I literally have 0 urges to buy these offers, despite the fact they are getting visibly cheaper.


Last one had 30 pulls including 3 ETT and 3 silver tokens, so excluding these it was 24 pulls. Now we have 32 for the same price. It is more than in tavern of legends - there is 30 pulls for the same price.

Yup. And no tokens for CoK summons too.

I would have included CoK summon tokens instead of costume chamber actually. Or remove EHT.

Aether pricing is dropping faster than I expected.

From the initial offer in 2021 (was it August ? Or September?) to the latest March offers, less than a year.


Sadly the 3* aether price is dropping the slowest. And they are in the highest demand.

Yeah, the pace of price dropping exceeded expectations… But it looks like players outside the group of the biggest spenders/most competitive alliances have more patience than SGG predicted. We all got our 5 legendary heros that we like limit broken to put in defences somehow, from that point there’s just not too much pressure to buy those… Meaning, demand for those is probably weaker than expected - basic economics.
The dragon offer is quite cheap tbh, but still… Why would I buy it? :man_shrugging:


I totally get what you’re saying and agree. For me personally, I buy all the ascension mat and aether offers. I love the tournaments, I LB all my heroes so I will need them. Do I need them now, no actually, but I will need them at some point. So it’s just best for me to buy them now so I have the ability to break a hero and not have to wait on an aether or 4* mat. I mean, I even buy all 3* mats as well. It’s still not enough sadly.

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PoV, VIP, Choose your Limit Break, Spring, Mythic Titan, Summoning Extravaganza AND Heavenly Treasures.

…I can hardly see my base today! :sweat_smile: I’m glad I don’t have to hunt for ducks!


I have no problem with them dropping the prices it however has become ridiculous the availability of in game aethers compared to ones for sale. If they do all of the current offers they have now you can buy at least 15 five star aethers a month and earn about 5. Aethers are a lot harder to come by than emblems and mats in game and have become more available to buy than both of those. Whatever happened to “game economy”?


Actually, looks like all those things are getting cheaper, so maybe it’s not a bad idea to wait a bit and get the same for less money. If money is no issue, then forget about these cheap financial advices. :joy:

My point is that even for free one can have a bunch of limit broken heros already, across all categories. These are my 3*:

Practically with every new quest 1 new can be added, and in the end - how much rare and epic heros one actually needs? :man_shrugging:

If a group is buying all aether offers, how long before saturation is reached (ie they no longer have a viable use for new aethers). Purely a rhetorical question, unless someone wants to project offers + omega quests on a timeline to 30+ 5*s.

I recruit, and I’ve seen alliances that require 30+ 5* heroes with full emblems. I considered aethers was the next path following emblem saturation. So, what is the next path sgg will follow once aether saturation is reached. Maybe 2nd limit break (followed by 3rd, etc), but that could impact summoning revenue for chasing the newest heroes if people believe the cost is too high to multiple LB newer and ever replaceable newer heroes while abandoning old projects.

If multiple limit break levels is the path forward, tournaments/raids/wars/etc will be dominated by those that have stockpiled aethers. So, based on what looks to be the most likely path forward (ie 2nd/3rd/etc LB), more aethers will be required to stay competitive.

Where can I see the numbers?