Aether 2 are sitting useless in Inventory!

Based on the game’s Aether requirements, I am having HIGH-number of Aether 2 materials in inventory, which have no use by themselves.

Is it similar for other players OR I am the ONLY one with this situation ?

Below is my inventory.


Not quite the same count but you’re not alone


I am in a constant need of level 1 aethers while having a huge surplus of aether 2 and 3. It’s my main bottleneck in leveling up my heroes. I even have more alphas than I can use, and I am getting more of them than aether 1s. My main goal is to LB2 my most used 5* heroes but I can’t do that strictly because of the lack of aether 1 mats.


Similar situation here.
My bottlenecks are Alpha and 3*.
5* Aether are slightly more than I can use.
4* in a big overflow.


Not to the same degree but yes


1 and 3 are scarce. 2 is plentiful. Thing is, it has to be one of them. Glad it’s 2.

Aether 1 is short because many players are using them to LB lots of 3* heroes… where no other type of Aethers are required.

  • ALSO, all the COSTUMES across 3 / 4 / 5* … require Aether 1 = consumes more of the Aether 1s…

My ISSUE as per OP is about Aether 2 lying useless as they cannot be used anywhere by themselves.

Aether 3 are fine…as they get used on 5* heroes.

My main point to highlight here is the IMBALANCE of the three and not that they are less or more…

In my experience, I am realising that one requires more of Aether 1 as they get used across all types of heroes…BUT in reality, seems the Aether 2 are collecting in inventory and have no use by themselves.

  • Can game make Aether 2 use more in the EPIC heroes and remove requirements for costumes to start with…which will save a lot of Aether 1…

AETHER 2 has the least use … THINK !

ALSO, this Post is to specifically highlight AETHER 2 utility shortage and not a vent / comparison for the other two types of Aethers… ELSE the actual message will get lost.


Wow, although I’m not struggling with this I can see and understand the issue. I think you’d hate to see my inventory though.

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :desert_island:


It’s the same with ascension items… I’m sitting on over 1000 tall boots and chainmail armours and battle tactics books…

There might be a use in the future for LB3! :rofl:

Same here, but in different configurations
Same with loads of stuff in the inventory
Same with roster heroes that never get used
Same with battle items
Etc etc etc
But I suppose that’s the game for you


What about a combine or break feature to use surplus aethers? Or will this sffect their economy?

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i have no doubt SG could monetize some kind of “Aether Anvil” to transform Aethers up and down. Crack a 5 star into 2 x 3 star or some kind of math. merge 2x3star up to a 5 star.

Yeah, I’m constantly missing 3* aethers and have ■■■ load of 4*. This is another inbalance SG should consider and balance it out.