Aeron or Khiana?


On which one should I use my tabards? (I have Rigard and Sabina maxed as purple healers). Thanks for your advices.

With having two purple healers already I would opt for khiana

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I would choose Khiona too. Aeron is nice, but you already have 2 healers.

Khiona first but i would focus on change on of them to be replaced by Aaron so you have instant heal, hot and his special to negate effects, what helped me a lot. I wod keep sabina then because rogard removes effect from your group and sabina from the enemy.

I have Aeron at 4-80 and I am not fond of him. He just isn’t very effective. I only maxed him just to have a 5 star healer. I am now looking to replace him with a better purple and sub in Vivica.

She is good but sje is slow

Khiona has my vote since you have 2 healers already, also she would be great on yellow titans. Lastly, if you manage to pull Wilbur it’s an awesome combination!


I’ll have to try those 2.

I have Wilbur going to 60.

Pulled Khiona today with a single token.