Aeron or Delila

Sorry, my English is not so good.
My team attaxk and defens
Joon 4/80 Alasie 3/70 Boldtusk 4/70 Isarin 3/70 Zeline 3/70
I would like my Boldtusk to swap on Aeron 3/70 or Delila 2/60
I don`t have poision darts on 4/70 Delila and I can Aeron on 4/70
To wait too delila (materials) or Aeron make 4/70 or Buldtusk is good, better

Id say that Delilah > Aeron as she is a better tank and his heal isn’t over time but having her at 3rd ascension, and keeping double yellow, will not gives you good defending results.

Maybe Boldtusk could still be your best choice if you can’t (or don’t want) level up your tank to the 4th ascension.

up xd…xd…xd…xd…?

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