Aeron or Ares?

I am using a maxed Ares and I have Aeron and Rana at 3/70.

I only have one Damascus blade left and 6 Tomes for god knows why. I can only up one first until the next Farholme with Damascus.

Aeron or Ares is better for the def tank spot?
If Aeron, I would up him first before Rana. If Ares, I would up Rana first.

Sad. No one can advise me on this. :frowning:

I’d choose Aeron!
He is really good

to get an answer from experienced players

  1. you should put your full roster
  2. be patient. people are working and stuff
  3. if possible tell what do you want… tank flanker… etc

The above are the questions.

I am already running Alasie-Lianna-Ares-Drake-Sartana for defense. Not sure to replace Ares with Aeron or not. If not needed, I will just up Rana for more attacking options.

Based on that limited information, I’d go with Ares. Both are top notch defensive tanks and have a place on offensive teams. But Ares is also very helpful on titans. Because Ares is useful everywhere, I would lean towards him.

I have quite a fair bit of heroes. So offensive options I do have.

My question was for defensive tank spot. Which one is more likely to hold more cups for me.

The question is rather Aeron or Rana then.

I would say Aeron for 2 reasons:

  • as tank, Aeron is much more troublesome compared to Ares. I don’t know how but i kill Ares everytime without any effort.

  • Aeron is more useful for titans and war.


Then Aeron it is to get my last Damascus. Rana would have to wait for another month or so unless SG is so nice to give me another Damascus. :smiley:

I doubt you’ll see a noticable difference in cups between them, depending on which other heroes you have to surround them on.

I wouldnt make the decision based on your raid defense given how close those two are. Its everything else that I would look to for the tie breaker. Aeron is one of the best purples. A 5* healer that helps against Guin. So maybe him. Rana, who I have, is a solid yellow that I have no regrets ascending. But I would use delilah, GM and Ares (my current options) as a center before Rana. Maybe even drake.

Nah. Rana would never be my center. I like it fast and hard, thats why I surround my tank with fast snipers. Rana would just be one of my offensive arsenals.

Aeron on the other hand would have to compete with Ares for the center spot. I left him in the closet for a very long time now. I agree with Elpis that he is f****** annoying when I dont kill him as tank during raids.

Do aeron and rana, drake flank. I hate aeron because you cant do massive damage to the flankers as fast as you can esp gm is basically useless who I used to soften up the opponent the fastest I can, esp if the boards are really bad (for bad board, I call gm plan b, lol). its even worst if I bring jackal and there is no yellow tiles turn up. I’m almost always wanted to reroll when I see aeron tank because I can already see the consequence which is one of the two : kill aeron and go on or not kill aeron and its over. It is obvious I dont care at all about the survivability and go on full force. Untill today, he still give me mixed feeling on how to confront him. Partly because I dont have deep enough bench to tailor for him, or maybe he is one of those bait tank who we think is weak but turns out surprisingly tough. But I think im over that already, and aware of his pita special but still cant confidently pick a team to beat him. He gave me the feeling from my early days when I picked on ares tank and go on with kiril/grimm sonya and pray for the success.

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I recently started using Aeron in my anti Guin team. He is definitely awesome. Keeps the team alive!

On defense, instead of tank, I paired him with Ares as tank and Aeron flank.

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