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I’ve recently gotten Aeron to max. He was my only 5 star dark for a long time, and I held onto my tabards for 2 months after I collected all 6. Half way through December, while trying to get Mother North to replace him as healer, I figured mother north was a lost cause and ascended him(even though I had Domitia and Guardian Panther wanting the tabards also) to max a 5 star healer. A week after ascending him I received Mother North from a single summons, typical SG irony TBH… that being said… he is extremely useful, that ailment block and the heal over time have saved my hide numerous times. The only thing I would change in him, is the amount of healing. 459 isn’t enough when you’ve got Guinevere, Gadeirus and Ares all healing 612 or better on nearby allies. His speed is fine, the nearby cleanse and block are great, his heal all needs that little extra and people would have him in the same tier as Guinevere. IMO.


That is it exactly. Heal three vs heal the whole team. I’ve played him for many months, and he is often my only healer. IMO he does just fine, but they buffed him I sure wouldn’t object, I just don’t think its needed.


I wish I had him. IMO, his heals are at least on par with Guin and healers like her. As a healer, I would take him over any of them. I’d take him over the upcoming HOTM.

I have all healers in the game now except Tarlak and Aeron. I’d put him at #2 under Delilah.


I was kinda(going cheap) trying for Guinevere the last time they came around, ended up with King Arthur(even better). But while really looking at her stats and special, I didn’t want her. Now Delilah on the other hand, she’s awesome and I splurged more than usual(still only $20, I’m not a big spender) and came away with nothing I didn’t already have. Aeron will permanently remain in my line up until iget the tabards for panther and mother is maxed.

For a long time I would dodge aeron tanks as much or more then guin tanks. While he is not strong against every hero he was very strong against my team until I got a few more hero’s raised. My original team of panther alasie gm hel and drake would get destroyed. Every hero relied on inflicting some kinda of de buff and aerons protection was crazy strong against them. So now with zim lianna khiona and magni I can change out a few heroes to not rely on ailments to take out opponents. I wasn’t lucky enough to get him but do have a lot of respect for his strength.

Aeron is my only maxed 5*. So far I am happy with him. I find he is effective against DOT and riposte opponents.


Aeron is solid by himself with the ailment block+cleanse nearby and heal all. He is tough to kill if your board is below average and once he gets his skill going, he makes the whole team tough to kill.

Now, with the new talent grid, he is able to activate ailment block without launching his special which makes him tough to kill in addition to more stats that makes him even tougher to kill.

Do note he is also great for war with the heal all. Extremely annoying skills if your opponent is having an Aeron in his defense lineup.


He has the dark elemental link.
Only that makes me positive to have him.

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Ok, it’s time to reply:
I was in error when i told he was a bad hero.
I maxed him some months after and he is, actually, the only tank in my attacks when i do raid…

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I don’t think he compares all that favorably to Delilah or Alby or Ares or North—or the other healers likely to be released soon (Ariel and the February HotM)—but he’s at least a serviceable 5-star healer, nearly on par with, but slightly weaker than Viv.

If they’d make his dispel affect all allies instead of just those his shield covers, it’d go a long way toward bringing him up to snuff. As it is, he is decidedly not.

It’s a shame, too, because I love the design.

I have both Delilah and Aeron maxed, and I actually find myself using Aeron more when I’m raiding. Watching GM or Drake target Aeron and then watching Aeron and the two heroes next to him shrug off GM’s burn or Drake’s blind is so satisfying. Against a GM tank with a purple flank, I’ll even use Aeron over Delilah, I find him that useful.

I’m not sold on using him on defense over Delilah, but he is so helpful in raid attacks. I’m not in beta, so can’t compare him to the yet-to-be-released healers, but I don’t regret giving Aeron Tabards one bit.


If I was going to request a buff to Aeron, it wouldn’t be for the cleanse and ailment immunity to extend to the whole team. I would rather “resists mana reduction” to be added to ailment immunity part of the Nethershield special. That would be awesome for going up against Guin.

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I think he can be perfect if he can protect nearby allies and remove status ailments from all allies…

While a full party cleanse would be great, I feel that would make him overpowered compared to similar healers like Vivica. The only real complaint I have about him is his durability, and I’m planning to use my Monk emblems to improve that.

I have never understood why Dalilah is popular. She just dies and dies and dies. I would take Aeron or Viv over her any day.

Delilah is my tank for the last 5 months and she has pushed me from 2700 to 8 th place global in one night and still holds me on 2600-2650 , diference , well there is a big Average mana isue , viv/aeron are slow , we live in the age of speed where slow heroes mean you are fresh meat bro

Well, I know that is the thought, but if you look at the top 100 lists, plenty of slow heroes there. They even place in the top 10 in event challenges. So I dont’ buy the prevailing opinion.

Aeron is average Mana, not slow. I have him and love him. He’s grossly underrated in my opinion.

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When are we going to adjust Aerons heal to be at a 4 stars level? Currently his heal is so weak that it’s equal to Hawkmoons costume. That is unacceptable for an average speed HotM.


He’s okay to compensate slashes, he cleanses and protects 3 from ailments. Would be cool to have 4 turns and about 600, but…


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