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I think that the fifth aeron’s star, is only cause of the keyword “undispellable”…
For all other uses… I think that Rigard is better than him.

He is underwhelming for a 5*. I think at least his cure should be for the whole team. Not sure about the immunity as it may be too much but i won’t say no to that :stuck_out_tongue:

This could be a very good solution…I found 3 Aeron (he is my first horn) but I’m so sick of him…

In what ways is Rigard better? You may be right! :wink:

I would say that aside from pulverizer specials (tiburtus, gormek, grim) there really aren’t many skills commonly found that target only 3 people. There’s loads that target 1 person, which makes both heroes suitable… But otherwise if you need to cleanse multiple debuffs, rigard actually helps.

Then factor in that the skills which target only 3 of your heroes may not even center on Aeron - and the cleanse he does offer still doesn’t help enough.

I don’t know who runs with multiple cleansers, so if I had to choose it would be rigard. Although I also don’t have the bunnies, which if flanking Aeron would make him more desirable.

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Yeah, I want a bunny! And Aeron keeping that nasty -20% anti-bunny power firing? Frosting, my friend. Frosting. :grin:


It’s a bit of a stretch to say Rigard is better, but you’re absolutely right that Aeron is underwhelming and not worth the tabard investment.

Rigard cleanses all and his heal is instantaneous and undispellable, and in terms of his skill, he is absolutely better than Aeron, who heals less and slowly and whose heal and cleanse only affects those around him. Sure, Aeron’s shield is nice, but it’s extremely short-lived and not likely to be up before Zeline or Richard or a tanking Azlar have already castrated you.

His five-star stats are all that keep him ahead of Rigard, but unless you’re a poor or FTP player who plays for a year and has only ever drawn one or two fives, you should not waste the precious ascension mats on Aeron. And even if you are and do, it’s only going to add insult to injury when you realize how woefully overmatched you are by the big spenders and their perfect purples.

For my guys I have Aeron, Boldtusk, Alasie, Skittleskull, and the Guardian Jackel, but I like the two healers and three heavy hitters, yes Aeron is a little bad by himself, but with another healer it makes up doing that and gives you an extra amount of healing after a few attacks. I underestimated him too when I first got him, but he’s great on my team so far.

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But what if you pair him up with Sartana and Thoth…get thoth’s little buddies all frothy with a 5% bonuses and use defensive troops…And you’ll pick up the 6 round damage bonus that kinda brings ya up to offense troops…(or vis versa)

I like the way the stats of him and alassie work…glad to have them both.

It’s a bit diablo ish adding an extra layer if you can get them to proc.

Admittedly fast mana with the limited heal (lets face it…it’s a 30 to 40% heal over time. Which is what makes me think to make him worth while he needs to be fast to make him a very good purple…to me he’s a 4.5 star :slight_smile:

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I have Aeron and I also have a fully maxed Rigard. I am having a real hard time pulling the “rare” trigger on Aeron when the purple bird I already have in my hand is solid. He just doesn’t seem worth it.

Aeron will be forgotten when Ariel comes out


Element: Ice
Class: Cleric
Family: Atlantis

731 attack
768 defense
1260 health


-Recovers 40 % health for all allies
-All allies get +24% mana generation for 4 turns

This effect can’t be dispelled

Dispels status ailments from all allies.


Well you have to pull her to use her.


That seems OP but I’ll be sure to grab her.

5s have been lacking in the same quality healing as 4s. Delilah is the only average speed with a good percentage heal. The rest have great perks, but they are slow.

I still want Aeron. He is solid. He is not a better healer than Rigard, but with his added abilities, I think he is a better hero


OverPowered seems to be the new norm.
By that i mean new heros just seem to push out the older ones more and more. Kage decreased the value of any buffing hero further than past dispellers did. Ariel will decrease the value of ailment casters by a lot as well. Just seems SG is trying harder and harder to push the old heros out of the game but leave them in summons and training camps.

Idk what direction they have in mind, but more and more veterans are bailing

Ariel no longer has immunity, and heal is bumped down to 40%.

Still better than Aeron (imo), but Aeron’s immunity will still be unique, so he should still be good for that at least.


If that’s how Ariel gets released, it’s the last straw for me, unless they make Vivica average mana at the same time. Even then, Ariel is still better.


I personally like aeron. The immunity works well against gm, zeline, hel, alasie, Natalya, and Drake Fong.

The way I play, I bring a couple off color heroes in case I get no purple tiles, but then have aeron protect two purple heroes. This way my purple tiles can still do damage despite whatever status effects are cast on my team. Rigard can cleanse, but Aeron survives better and then can start the healing while maintaining the ability to pump tiles into defense heroes since their abilities won’t hurt you.


Better? Lol

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I’m a spendy kind of player. I’ve gotten every HOTM since I started playing—except Aeron. I was unimpressed by him in beta and in release. I didn’t happen to draw him on my limited free pulls. No regrets. Tabards will be better placed with Kunchen in February.


Exactly this (3* Gato aside).

I recently finished maxing Aeron, and I’m impressed how well he’s working in the upper tiers of raiding where almost all of the top-tier cookie-cutter defenses include debuffers like Zeline, Gravemaker, Drake, Victor, and Alasie. It’s especially satisfying to see debuff-only enemies like Natalya and Morgan completely waste their special by throwing it against Aeron’s shield. :smile:

Plus he’s purple, which helps in anti-Guinevere stacks.


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