Aeron Costume or Buff?

I’m new to this community and believe have searched adequately before posting this as a new topic. Please excuse me if that’s not the case.

I’m a C2P and only hotm I got is Aeron. But his heal over time against his defense stats, his special etc have been a hot topic for the longest time but nothing materialized I reckon.

I don’t think I came across any thread where Aeron costume was discussed or requested though…where his costume could either be a booster or a percent healer potentially ?.. let me know your thoughts and opinion folks, thanks.


Relevant thread

haven’t seen costume idea before

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Yeah, my original aim is to bring up a discussion around Aeron Costume. That would probably not only improve his base stats to be a potential tank but a different set of abilities could also address concerns around his specials etc.

Besides he is the only 5* healer I have and I’d really like him to be a part of my raid and war defense team.

It’s just that limit broken C.Rigard at the moment outshines him so I’m saving my tabards for now…


Many 4* healers, particularly if emblemed/LBd are better than 5* healers anyway. They will be a staple of your roster for raids, tournies and wars for years to come.

I personally wouldn’t use Aeron unless you had a very specific war team you needed him to use against, and who knows if/when he ever gets buffed or gets a costume (which you are unlikely to pull anyway). If you really wanted to explore alternate costume specials then he would need to protect the whole team at a minimum