Aeron and the Rabbits - Interesting observation

So, been messing around with the new HOTM Aeron and the Rabbits from the Spring special event. I’m not sure if this is public knowledge or if its been brought up before. I haven’t seen anything so I thought I’d post an interesting observation on their specials…

Basically, firing Aeron’s special right before any of the rabbit’s special will actually prevent them from receiving their self inflicting decrease in defense…I’m not sure how many people will be using any of these heroes in the foreseeable future but I thought it would be good to know…

Notice they don’t get a decrease in defense since they’re being protected by Aeron’s special. However, Jack O Hare gets his temporary defense handicap after he fires his special since he’s not protected by Aeron.

Check it out…


I mentioned this in passing here, but it was easy to miss.

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Neat, I totally missed it…I think it opens up the door to other cool possibilities…
Thanks !

Question … will it prevent the negative effects of Wu’s special?

I don’t think so, it almost wouldn’t make any sense if it did. It’s kind of a package deal, plus, haven’t seen anything dispell it before. But I’ll test just for kicks and giggles… :slight_smile:


Single effect buff / debuff on Wu.

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Bah, worth a shot :slight_smile:

You’re living my dream of Lepus and Aeron. :cry:
It was this combo that made me want both of them so bad. Even if gimmicky.

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LOL…I’ll try to make them both justice…I think I’ll try Aeron in a full purple suit on some raids, the possibilities…:heart_eyes:

PS. Lepus is one of my guilty pleasures…hahaha

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Lepus is just pleasure. No guilt involved


Interesting !
And bringing out another question : is Natalya ineffective with Aeron’s power ?
It would be another downside for this - a bit disappointing IMHO - HOTM.

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That’s a good question. I think because Aeron dispells, and Natalya’s special is not dispellable it would stay on. (Not remove it)
But if Aeron had his special up first, Natalya could not apply or reapply. (Prevent it)

I will try to test this in game when I see him in a raid.


Correct—a hero with Aeron’s “no ailment” buff is immune to a NEW cast from Natalya, Locke or Morgan. If a hero has Natalya’s or Morgan’s non-dispellable ailment already, then Aeron can’t help.

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