Aegirs special ability does not work well, when enemy got shared damage buff

Hi guys,
thank you for fixing Mitsuko. Hope that my video helped you.
Now I am comming with next problem. Now I have problem with Aegirs part of a skill “Icy Resilience”, when healing calculation does not work well, when you damage enemys whose share damage with each other.

“The caster and nearby allies heal 100% of the normal damage they deal to enemies for 3 turns”

As you can see in a video, healing is applied only from one enemy, not from all of them.
If you dont know what I am trying to say, I will try to simplify that --> Gretel did with 1 stone (1 normal attack) 21 damage total to enemies, but she healed only 7 damage instead of 21 (100%).

Thank you for fixing that and have nice day.
PS. Would be nice to push developers to look at “shared damage system”… its a second bug I am reporting, and a problem is again with shared damage.

Look carefully, and you’ll see 3 green “7s” scroll above Gretel after the attack. Looks to me like she’s getting the full healing.

3 greens from 3 attacks one attack did 21 damage total, so healing should have been 3x21 not 3x7

Ah. I see what you mean. I was reading your description and rather than paying attention to the damage counts against the enemies.

She actually did 63 damage but only healed 21.

It is, however, possible that this is working as intended. She actually only does 7 true tile damage to each enemy. The other 14 points get converted into spirit link damage and distributed to the other two heroes.

its same problem with shared damage like there

Cases are the same. Calculations of abilities are swapped. With Mitsuko there were a problem, that shared damage was calcutated first, then was calculated reflextion of Mitsukos ability. Instead of reflextion we got healing.

But in our case it should work like that:

  1. gretel did 21 damage to a target ¨
  2. she is healed for 21 hp
  3. damage is shared and each enemy takes 7 damage

But it works like that:

  1. gretel did 21 damage to a target
  2. damage is shared and each enemy takes 7 damage
  3. she is healed for a 7 hp --> 7 damage delt to a target

They’re not the same, though. Look at what Petri actually says:

But no one is reflecting damage here, and Wilbur’s Spirit Link is getting correctly applied. And when that happens, only a portion of the incoming damage stays as “normal” damage. The other 2/3 get distributed out.

I’m not saying they might not decide this is unintended behavior. But it might genuinely be working as intended.

think about that for a while.

BEFORE -> Bugged

  1. Grimm delt 240 damage to Gretel.
  2. Damage was shared -> Kiril took 80, Aegir took 80, Gretel took 80
  3. Gretel got reflect buff -> she reflected 80 damage back to Grimm.

NOW -> fixed

  1. Grimm delt 240 damage to Gretel.
  2. Gretel got reflext buff -> she reflected 240 damage
  3. There was NOTHING to share.

Now look at what I wrote one post up.

I did think about that for a while, right after I read the part about: if the character reflects damage, Spirit Link is not applied at all any more. You can see it plain as day in Petri’s statement.

So unless you’re arguing that Aegir’s normal damage healing effect should likewise not even cause Spirit Link to be applied at all, in what way are these two cases exactly the same?

Corrected order of operations for blue special vs. Mitsuko:

21 blue special damage incoming -> 115% reflected

And that’s it. No Spirit Link at all, even if one is active. Reflection happens before Spirit Link is even considered.

Order of operations for Aegir vs Wilbur.

21 normal damage incoming -> Spirit Link is applied -> some amount of the damage done counts as “normal” -> normal damage results in healing

So as you can see, when Spirit Link is applied is a different case than when it isn’t. You’re arguing that 100% of the damage done should still count as “normal” despite Spirit Link. And I’m saying that the devs might see it differently.

My last try:
Who cares if spirit link is applied or not. of course it is not applied, when heroes do not take damage.

I am talking about ability order applied for receiving a damage.

Mitsuko problem:
Someone did damage -> spirit link applied -> Mitsuko skill applied = bug

The correct way:
Someone did damage -> Mitsuko skill applied -> spirit link applied = problem fixed

My problem now:
Someone did damage -> spirit link applied -> Aegirs skill applied = bug

The correct way:
Someone did damage -> Aegirs skill applied -> spirit link applied = problem fixed

If you still dont get it I am done with you. Have a ice day.

You’re just not understanding, and I’m not sure what to say to make it clearer. But I’ll try.

E&P cares, because the bug fix they implemented on Mitsuko was to change reflect, and ONLY REFLECT, so it processes before Spirit Link rather than after it. You’re just blindly assuming that if they made that change for reflect, that they feel that way about all specials and Spirit Link.

Bad assumption. Look at what just happened with Victor/Perseus vs. Onatel/Hel. They fixed the bug where Victor was healing from his DOT while Perseus’ -100% heal debuff was active.

So people assumed they would likewise change Onatel so that she wouldn’t steal mana while under Hel’s debuff. But SG didn’t. Petri said Onatel is working as intended, because they view Hel’s special as stopping normal mana gain (tiles and defense per-turn) only.

So you can’t just assume that because one special ability is supposed to work a certain way in a certain situation, that automatically all other specials are supposed to behave the same way in similar situations.

“The cater STEALS generated mana of the target…”
“Enemies cant GAIN mana”

"stealing mana" process is not same process as “gaining mana” in this game
so what the hell is wrong with you bro…

Problem of this topic is:
“The caster and nearby allies heal 100% of the normal damage they deal to enemies for 3 turns”
Gretel did 21 with normal attack then got healed by 7hp.

And you are trying to tell me this is a correct way, how to calculate Aegirs ability. Just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Would be also nice to lock or mark this topic, becase this arguing about what are devs thinking is pointless. Thanks

@Kerridoc @Rook FYI it looks like OP may want this thread locked.

Reading back, it looks like there are two ways of looking at the “order of operation”. Under one sequence, Aegir’s skill isn’t as valuable as it is under a different order. Given that Aegir is in need of a bit of a buff, this change might be a modest way of improving him.

As this thread is in #bugs-issues the devs will have seen it. I’ll flag @Sara just to make sure.

I’m going to leave the the\read open, though, in case there is other information that comes to light.


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