Aegir's Allies' Healing and Ancient Tiger's Blue Reflect


Does anyone know if Aegir’s special would help his blue allies heal when blue tiles hit the Ancient Tiger with its blue reflect?

Thanks a bunch

Highly doubt it…

The tile damage hits the heroes instead.

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Sorry my bad. It is the counter attack, not reflect. The tiger has a red reflect instead.

It would be great tho; at least my heroes could survive when its special is on.

Kindly have to decide to go for Frida or Aegir.

Yea that’s right. Was thinking about the unicorn haha.

Frida if you want more dmg, aegir if you want your team to last in the case you’re not using timestops.

Yes, I use him with Triton and it works.
Just be wary of the health of your heroes to not let them die due to a counterattack to their special.

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