Aegir: Why the disparity in opinions?


They heal on the normal hits they deliver (I.e. not specials)… so on attack that’s okay but on defense that’s nothing noteworthy. It real is situational to the extreme.


You only look at a definitive opinion, there are several post questioning that blue I rise, with multiple variants, none will see that Aegir responds, the obvious everyone.


Use the idea of opinion too easily.

You think the earth is round? Ohh that’s just an opinion.

You think psychic powers are real? That’s just an opinion.

You think moon landing is fake? Just an opinion.

You think water is wet. Just an opinion.

You think Aegir is trash? Just an opinion.

You think Aegir is top tier hero? Just an opinion.

Not all opinions are created equally. Some opinions are junk. Some of them at least have a basis in reality.


I’m baffled why:

  1. People see the specs as Aegir as a personal affront instated by a secret cabal.’
  2. Why this secret Cabal would go on and post a list which is intentionally misleading, yet which everyone with half a brain generally comes up with a similar ranking (barring 1-2 exceptions). So the misleading revolves again about Aegir, who is the lynchpin of a dastarly plot.

I want to know what this secret Cabal of Top Players and Employees has against these good players who are so clearly victimized by their heinous, yet bizarre schemes.

Or perhaps the list is a bit too simplified to deal with the nuances and is a bit off balance due to the influx f new heroes and is it really a lot of work for the author to keep it 100% finetuned.

Naah must be a scandal. :wink:

Anchor 7dd and Aegir

Agree with you there. Not everyone has an arsenal of 5* to choose from. Perhaps we also need ratings for the average Joe too


It’s not anything like that but nobody can have any discussion about Aegir being a terrible hero without the freaking list coming up within a few minutes, derailing any productive talk about it.

It’s easy to see the Secret Cabal mentality, but it’s also to see the emotionally invested fan mentality doing gymnastics to defend an obviously terrible hero.


I like Aegir. People hate on the guy because his special isn’t a sexy game-changer. When used strategically, he keeps his neighbor damage-dealers alive long enough to seal the victory. Stud hero? Nope… Useful? Absolutely!

As far as those grades… very useful, but you’re bound to find some that you disagree with because of your play style. For me, I like to Mana-control the tank. So Natalya (a B hero that gets very little love) is a must-have in (most of) my raid lineups. Albi and/or Zeline have no chance when she’s paired w/ Gravemaker so she’s an A+ to me.


The problem is that an “average Joe” can’t create an encompassing guide because they won’t have access to all of the heroes to rank them. We can’t define the average player as someone with a limited number of heroes but also expect them to grade all of them.

Something like this should really be crowd-sourced so that you get multiple ratings from dozens of players.


Hey, it’s not as if Anchor does it all on his lonesome. Anyone willing to do the work can solicit, compile, and publish “average Joe” ratings.


Sharing damage is a good thing that can help on the most extreme situation.
His elemental defense buff help him surviving to his weak element.

His buff is too short to provide substantial benefits and his heal to be effective should either last longer or the special should charge faster. Due to the lack of an allround damage reduction (that every other similar hero have) mechanic it should help.


Ok, let’s see if people will contribute to a crowd-sourced alternative.

Google Forms Based Rankings

I’ve put together an “open” ranking system using Google Forms and Google Docs. The document has links for each hero. The first link is to the analytics for that hero and the second is to the form itself so people can contribute.

For this first pass I’ve kept it simple:

  • Only 5 star heroes
  • Scoring is limited to Raid Attack, Raid Defense, and Titans on a 1-5 scale

If people want to use this tool, I’ll add 4 stars later, but let’s gauge the interest in having this as an alternative ranking system first.


What about the underpower Boss Wolf.


I have him too, and I am in the exact same position.

If he is not buffed at least a little bit, will not spend more materials nor feeders in him.

He was useful only for red titans, but when I moved my account from a 5* to a 9* titan alliance, suddenly he is one of the first to go, and he ends up being a burden for Boldutsk, rather than helping him.


Do you have him? how do you use him to get good results? Completely maxed? surrounded by whom?

If you could share your experience it would be of great help.


Without buffers he’s pretty useless from what I’ve seen. It takes attack buffers to make his heals have any value, and it takes at least a defense buffer to keep him alive(i overwrote aegirs special with wilburs special a few times and had much better results than using just aegir)


I also think too many people are giving too much weight to 7DD. They are an amazing group, but they are a small sample of players and their focus is at the very top-tier of the game. Notice that the 3* updates are still blank?

If your someone who values resources, by all means grab what you can. I am that way too. 7DD is an amazing resource, but just one.

Have you every watched the members of 7DD play? Looked at their defense teams? You will notice that even they do not follow the list to the letter. You see a lot of use of “B” and even some “C” heroes.


Of course! Being honest, they are out of touch with regular players. When is the last time they had to actually use a 3 star for anything? It would be like asking Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos to help you evaluate a studio apartment. :rofl:


Funnily enough, you don’t actually need an average Joe to do an average Joe rankings or guide

You just need someone like Anchor to set some parameters. Eg when rating a 5*, assume that the rest of the team are normal or vanilla 4*.

In that context how does the 5* hero fare?

Although I wouldn’t mind seeing average Joe ratings ie ratings from average Joes😂


Review both sides then form your own opinion.

Which is exactly what I was trying to do with this thread, but everyone seems to want to debate the merits of 7DD, instead of the merits of the hero. :unamused: The only reason I brought up the 7DD rating is that I hoped someone would have some insight into their thinking, or the situations in which Aegir might prove more useful.

Thank you to those who did share your observations, experiences, and opinions about Aegir. Your input has been helpful.


Can I ask, do you use Wilbur special to share the damage, but you take Aegir for HP to keep the team alive ?