Aegir: Why the disparity in opinions?

7DD’s hero grading chart lists him as an A hero, while many around here declare him one of the worst 5 stars in the game. I’m wondering, why the difference in opinions? Aegir-haters: why do you think he sucks? Aegir-lovers: why do you think he rocks?


IMHO, A is simply to generous considering he’s pretty easy to beat in raids. The problem is with the spirit link working against him. If you drop an RP on him it’s a disaster as the whole frontline will dissolve.

The 7DD rating is very good for new players, but I certainly don’t take it for gospel. That said:

  • A+ heroes are indeed very good :smiley:
  • D Heroes certainly suck. :smiley:

I have issues with heroes like Leonidas (who did get a deserved bump), Rigard (his unique skills make him very valuable, which belies his sub B average of 7DD) and especially Chao, who is undervalued as he is a very good hero for fights that are actually just too hard by delaying a special ability (and single target yellow 4’s are rare!).

Another example where the rating is a bit misleading is the Ramming Pulverizer Trio. Grimm is the best of the three, but you really, really want all three (unless you have Wilbur to replace Gormek). In a sense, they are A+ due to the fact that you really need them to beat titans (just as Wu deserves an A+++). Sonya and Caedmon, same story, they are pretty much interchangeable and you want both of them.

But I repeat: It’s definitely a good guide to follow, there are too many people who simply don’t understand the mechanics and for them this guide is a massive step up in performance.


I agree with your assessment of the 7DD grades on all counts. I also think that many heroes’ functional “grades” are really dependent on the individual player’s level and playing style. Take Cyprian & Boril, for instance. For a long time I considered them indespensible, especially for defense. But now that I’ve developed heroes with stronger stats, and have also developed new strategies, I find myself using them less and less. 3 months ago I would have considered them A heroes within the context of my roster and playing style, but I imagine in another 3 months I’ll hardly be using them at all.


Many expected Aegir to become a super-tank that can compete with Guinevere (the card that was leaked in an early beta phase suggested this and many started to complain how OP he would be). He turned out to be a rather poor tank which can be outplayed easily. However, he might still shine when used properly in PvP attacks. He might be useful to stay alive against very hard titans (rare 12-stars, maybe 13-star and higher in the future). Furthermore, heroes like Aegir could be necessary to beat the high provinces in the Atlantis map that will be unlocked in the next months.


You’ll have items for that, just like in the events and stuff.

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Levels might become so hard that both good items and the right heroes are needed to have chance to beat them. Also, if heroes like Aegir can help to complete levels without having to rely on whirlwinds, time stops et cetera, it’s already a big bonus.

I tried a level 2-60 on some of the standard map quest. I doubt he is of much use in tough event.

I also didn’t know. So, I decided to intentionally select raid oppositions based on whether they have Aegir in the team. I have TP 3900 and I didn’t adjust my attacking team to Aegir (2red,1purple,1green,1blue). Although I attacked even stronger teams with fully ascended heroes, I always won. Strange, as I can easily lose against TP3400 with Guin in the tank position. So, my opinion is that 7DD grading for defense team for Aegir is wrong. Instead of A,B (tank,support), it should more likely be C,C.

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Pssshhhhh dramatized nonsense and then some.

Not only are there quantifiable factors in their sheet (speed and tile damage), the sheet has proven itself over time. We quible about things as utility (Chao), but mostly it’s a very good guide. Low budget heroes like Willy and U Kong are spot on.

Aegir is perhaps the biggest outlier and I assume it will be adjusted downwards. And if they don’t it certainly does not suddenly make the whole sheet rubbish.

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I actually disagree with this. Historically they have done wonderful work and most heroes are correctly valued. Just recently they didn’t pay that much attention as there are so many new heroes. Apart of some mistakes I really appreciate the hard work 7DD people have done!

As per Aegir, I believe SG completely underestimated the testing of the hero before release. Some people report that the test was done, but that test was on a different Aegir. Aegir as it looks like now is a bad untested product. They should’ve postponed the release by at least one month.


Yeah dramatizing, which is obvious about your “money” slam.

And yeah, tile damage and speed is objective… these are values ranked on a scale. Sorry that this does not fit your narrative, but that’s how it is. I know that it truly sucks when things are facts are used against a good whine, so I deeply appologize for pointing that out. If only reason and facts did not matter, huh?

But sure, you win man. 7DD is a bunch of rich kid liars, the whole sheet is rubbish. You won’t get a stupid further discussion about your frustrations from me.

I believe that Aegir is a good tank. But what people want is a defence tank that in Diamond raids he won’t be easily countered by a dispeller and several stacking greens.
However under this circumstance the only choice is guin because her special is instant, plus at current stage not many got a good stacking of dark heroes. Hel, Panther or even Sartana are not easy to pull. This makes yellow tanks guin and Vivica inreplacable tanks.
The next will be the Dark tanks however there’s not formally a Dark tank that even Aaron can be a good choice.
That said, the only hope for the next “good” tank will be a Dark one with the formal tank stats, instant specials can’t easily be dispelled, plus generally inconvenient to have an efficient yellow stacking against him.
But this is just about defencing. I still don’t see why Aegir cannot be good in othet areas.

Aegir is an absolutely failed defense hero, a garbage, the issue is that the whales, those who have all the best, have found a secondary utility in attack, always surrounded by heroes that does not have even 5% of the players, but they make a lot of noise, because it is better to have a minor ally in their collection than a bad enemy (exception of Uclapack, honesty). On the guide we run a veil, if I had put an A, unearned, in attack and a C in defense and tank nothing to say, but it has put an A and, as it is not an ignorant and is a crack, it can only be deliberate. If the caste had not found this marginal utility it would have been repaired, instead, thousands of us have it, having mediocre equipment, sitting in a bank without any utility.


Is that sends noses the nonsense, challenge anyone to tell me that Hotm does not improve and gives a leap of quality to a team of 4 *, between 3200 and 3600 level. Everyone, from the best to the worst, improve the team, except this misfortune, turn the blood to see some comments.

You already nailed the answer with your topic title. Opinions. Everyone has their own opinions about each hero. Review both sides then form your own opinion.

His spirit link being quarantined to only 3 players lends itself for abuse. It needs to be broadened to all allies as the modern opponents can stack against the flank and weaken + damage for a devastating effect.
He has a critical flaw that limits his utility for his intended role… please change his name to Achilles.

Disclaimer: I have him and cannot just ascension past the point where I’d use a warm cape… there’s too many other cards of mine that deserve it - including 4* duplicates

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I think that if he has a skill which cannot be dispelled and lasts for at least 4 turns, it will be more balanced. Because thats the window he and his flanks get healed by receiving hits. 3 turns are almost useless.

They heal on the normal hits they deliver (I.e. not specials)… so on attack that’s okay but on defense that’s nothing noteworthy. It real is situational to the extreme.

You only look at a definitive opinion, there are several post questioning that blue I rise, with multiple variants, none will see that Aegir responds, the obvious everyone.

I’m baffled why:

  1. People see the specs as Aegir as a personal affront instated by a secret cabal.’
  2. Why this secret Cabal would go on and post a list which is intentionally misleading, yet which everyone with half a brain generally comes up with a similar ranking (barring 1-2 exceptions). So the misleading revolves again about Aegir, who is the lynchpin of a dastarly plot.

I want to know what this secret Cabal of Top Players and Employees has against these good players who are so clearly victimized by their heinous, yet bizarre schemes.

Or perhaps the list is a bit too simplified to deal with the nuances and is a bit off balance due to the influx f new heroes and is it really a lot of work for the author to keep it 100% finetuned.

Naah must be a scandal. :wink:

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