Aegir vs Thorne vs Richard - Who to ascend?

This is my first question in the forum, so please excuse if it‘s dumb.
I have Aegir und Thorne both at 2/60 and the AM to ascend one of them. They are my only blue 5* heroes and I suppose they could both be used as Tanks in raid defense, right? So who should I go with? Or none of them and wait… for someone… maybe for a long time…
My fully maxed 4* blues are Sonya, Grimm and Boril.

Thanks a lot…

Edit: Today surprisingly Richard popped out of my TC20. Could he be worth the cloaks to ascend him?

Use your cloaks on 4* blue like Grimm/Kiril etc. They are way more usefull! Thorne is bad overall and Aegir is good tank on 4/80. on 3/70 he is no big help!

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Thorne is related to C. Aegir is related to A category. I would recommend Aegir as a tank. I’m using Aegir. I’m satisfied. Thorne is a terrible hero

I already shared this pic on my line chats but it can be the same for Aegir:

Thorne is bad


Thanks for your replies. I was guessing something like that and I was so happy to get him as my first 5* out of my TC20.

:joy: Made my day! Love this!

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Come on! No way you’d take Richard over Aegir! :smiley:

Don’t know your other heroes but I doubt it matters because there’s no way I’d ever choose Thorne over anyone, ever. So Aegir, he can be nice on offense by helping to keep your important heroes alive and he’s also a good tank. Thorne really is only good at being a meat shield…


To none, expect something better or you will regret it. By the way, whatever Anchor says, Aegir in defense is void.By the way, Anchor is not a classic fixed defense player, gin, gvm, ect, he likes to change. Right now he has Fong, although he usually puts many others, Fong is a B tank, for example. He never puts Aegir.

Thank you later for that pic!

And now and Again and Again… :wink:

I was thinking about that too. Right now my tank is Delilah, none of the two could replace her.

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So, Richard would be worth ascending? What is his best position in a team?

Tank would be the best choice due to his high defense paired with his ability to lower attack.

The three pretenders were Aegir, Richard and Thorne:

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