Aegir vs Athena: Who should I level first?


Lol, Athena without any doubt.

For most of the players, Aegir is garbage, while Athena is a really great heroes.

Tho, SGG is thinking to buff him so you may wanna wait till their final move on him.

Anyway, both heroes are really different. You won’t use Aegir as you will use Athena so… Depends what you need. Sniper or tank.


There is no promise that anything will happen in term of Aegir buff. Where Athena is the best defense debuffer in the whole game. No brainer.

Just said to EVENTUALLY wait to see if SGG does something about him.

Athena will still be better than him anyway, we’re ok about that :slight_smile:

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Waiting for Aegir buff…


what’s the answer now that aegir got his buff

Still Athena.

Aegir has improved a lot, but Athena is one of the game’s top heroes, regardless the element.


C’mon, you have a sexy blondie in lingerie with amazing skills flying at you and you ask what to do?

Are you more into frosty old guys?

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Have neither, but I’m throwing my hat into the ring for Athena. Athena is dangerous in defensive raids. Aegir is annoying at worst.

Athena all the way.

This is a hero that literally broke the game, she was so good. They had to add a hidden cap to her skill (at 65% -defense) to make her not stupid-broken.

Honestly, I can’t recall losing a raid if I’ve been able to fire her.