Aegir useless or great?

Hello everyone
I’ve always considered AEGIR a great Hero for defence have him on 3/49 just waiting for materials to completely level up and max out
But recently I’ve encountered a few in raids and was relatively easy to kill and don’t do any considerable damage
In wars also seems my defense team is to easily killed although I have 3200+ team power
Opinions ???

You can still save 6 scopes :wink:


Let's fix Aegir

I’m not a fan of Aegir. I really don’t see him having any impact.

I find him useful as a healer/tank on Titan and raid attack teams. He is too easy to exploit on defense.

That’s exactly were I replaced him with horghal as tank in attack raids cause of none existing damage strike
But I’m considering once I got Thorne up to level to try out paring him with another ice that deals ■■■■■■■■ of damage !!! :wink:

For the love of your scopes, please do not up either one of them unless you are F2P or maybe C2P.

If you have to up one of them, it would be Thorne > Aegir in my opinion. :slight_smile:

I’m quite thin on blue 5* heroes. I only have Richard and Aegir. My other colours have much better options. Yet I ascend Richard over aegir and that says a lot.

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All this while, I never considered Aegir useless and he is nice to have on offense with a blue stack.

However, whether or not he is worth the scopes is a different matter. He would still be viable on offense at 3/70 without wasting the scopes. Still has hp link and the tiles still gain hp.

He is a niche hero. Good to have but not good enough to be 4/80.
Do not upgrade him beyond 3/70.

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Yes agreed. Richard is better especially on defense.

Aegir can be maintained at 3/70.

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Aegir is the only hero ever who has a negatve impact to his team. You will be better off having 4 heroes rather than 5 heroes with Aegir.

Aegir together with Inari are examples of a failure of a low budget testing programme.


But may I say in missions and especially the Santa’s challenge I completed stages way above my team power thanks to aegir keeping team alive so definitely not completely useless but for raiding and defence just not enough

So being my only 5* blue are Thorne and aegir I’ll be leveling Thorne thanks !!
But I’m still going to try stacking but his healing is to weak with example Triton

His healing is a bonus.
His hp link is the main one but without additional defense buffs, he becomes a liability.
However, on offense you can control it much better. He will be an asset in a blue stack team.

He’s extremely useful if he’s on the opponent’s roster. He’s the inside man.


Actually, I’d say let’s wait one month. You get the 6 telescopes in 3/4 of a year, so one month will not make that big difference.

What can happen and would help you within 1 month:

  1. you get Magni from tc20
  2. you get Isarnia from tc20
  3. sgg buffs Aegir to add defence bonus 40% or 372% damage
  4. sgg buffs Thorne to do 512% of damage

Either of these would direct you to a different decision, just wait one month and see.

The problems with Aegir, as I see them:

  1. The way the computer runs defenses, “heal a % of normal damage dealt” tends not to be so useful. It’s much better for attack, when you can wait until you have a tile cascade lined up before triggering.

  2. Tanks tend to be flanked by fast snipers in the current meta. Sharing damage with fast sniper flanks, but not with the corner heroes, puts undesireable pressure on the health of those flanks. Tanks are supposed to shield flanks from damage. Aegir does the opposite.

I would prefer Thorne over Aegir in your situation.


I agree I’ve found a way to combat for example in wars were a strong hard to kill team is needed
I put righard in the centre as tank flanked by AEGIR and kashreck ( that’s one tough bulk )
And the far flanks get the snipers eg Natalya sartana Thorne ect !! Let’s see this coming war !!ad field aid in and I believe this will be interesting !!!

They just colourstack and then unleash - current war meta seems to be monocolour teams attacking so healer as tank AND flanks lets them combo the diamond in peace

Field aid does not matter cause they are not doing incremental damage

I just played around with a roster of Isernia, kiril, aegir, Triton, wu kong.
I know In a raid it would be difficult to manipulate the perfect situation but as someone noted above in events I was able to light up all the heroes at the same time and and send a cascade of blue tiles and watched the 3 heroes gain a potential 1000+ HP. On offense I find him fun events I find him useful and I have not tested it on defense since it doesn’t seem like he would be any good.

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