Aegir unbalanced [Discussion on How to Fight Aegir]

Who made a decision to up Aegir? There is a lot of thread describing unbalances heroes and what do you do?! Create one more unbalanced hero? Developers I start to doubt that you are professionals. Stop killing the game!

Tell us why do you feel Aegir is unbalanced. I have him and i just maxed him out only because he was buffed otherwise he’ll still be at 3/70. Now its really useful but i really dont have the feeling he’s overpowered.
Its a HOTM, it has to be better than the vanilla 5* heroes but like I’ve said i dont feel its OP. Before the buff it was worthless, i was mad i even throw the capes on him. Now its a good tank, a great flank and very good on offense. But if i have to put him next to Onatel, Kunchen or GM [all hotm] it doesnt shine more than the other. Still feel that GM, Kage and mostly Gwen are more OP than Aegir.


Aegir is a quite poor tank, easily dispellable, short duration, prone to defence debuffers turning tables over and damage everyone through the spirit link.

When I see him in a tank position, I attack without hesitation. He is safe to throw the tiles at until the defence debuffer and several heavy hitters are charged, and then it’s game over.


Aegir is a hero that relies much more on synergy with the rest of the team than most other heroes. If used the right way, he can be pretty good.

As a tank + four fast/very fast snipers he can be quite nasty to fight against.
In combination with the Queen of Hearts he’s pretty powerful.
Moreover, don’t judge Aegir only by his defense qualities. Also consider his utility in PvP offense, against 12* titans, on map levels etc.

I wouldn’t say he’s an exceptionally strong HoTM like Grave, Zeline, Hel etc. But at least after the last update he is far from being terribly bad.


Aegir is viable now. He is Kiril + Wilbur.

He does not even need to be a tank. Flank is a good position for him.
He is buffed but not overly buffed.

Also, those who says that he is overpowered, please let us know what sort of team you are using to attack for Aegir to be considered overpowered. Sometimes its just bad board or perhaps an unsuitable team.


Aegir is good now but not OP, he have 2 natural 4* enemies, Mel and Caedmon


I’ve never beat Aegir. I stack green and even use that dispel healer and sniper, but he’s just too OP.



Too bad you cant carpet bomb Aegir. Aife is perfect for the job and to be honest kinda OP but she takes too much to charge that special :joy:


Your team is too weak to beat Aegir.

I like to use 5x green stacks:

Buddy - Evelyn - Kashrek - Lianna - Hansel

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Even if dispelled he’s too tanky for your 4*s.


He is a good hero now and can be used for many jobs.

And it ■■■■ me off people complain so much about him before and finally get what they want, but i have a Perseus from more then a year that is never changed and that would never see a scope from me.

Really ■■■■ me off.


Alright. Can you give me Evelyn and Hansel please, so I can try?


Well I cant give them to you even if I wanted to.

Vanilla greens such as Caedmon/Melendor/Kashrek/LJ/Brienne works.

Just gotta work your roster.

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Aegir worst ennemies: any dispeller, isarnia, wilbur (yep he counter aegir despite being red, inversed psychology on the board ftw)

Using green is just a recommendation, right?

I still wonder if @Osamkin meant Aegir is too strong or too weak when he said unbalanced


Well he should be a rather new player.

Anyway, Aegir is just fine as he is.


Aegir is still weak Hero. You just did not find his weakness.

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How can you lose with Aife? Wow… just wow…


She’s not maxed yet. And without the Derric synergy she dies too easily


Aegir is more of a pain now yes. But not overpowered.

I do lose to him sometimes and I do not stack. It all depends on the rest of the team. I can usually snipe every one down enough to win. But not all of the time.

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