Aegir Thorn and Richard. Which is best blue tank

I’d like to know from those who have them which is the best blue tank. So Aegir got an A rating. Is he the one we should aim for?

Aegir is useless garbage unless you have Ares and Khiona next to you and then you do not need it. Thorne is another bluff, a little more useful but not a telescope. Richard better, though meor magni. The A is a tease of someone who does not know that power carries a responsibility and that their guide is a bible for the newborns.

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Well, arent you a constant ray of sunshine and positivity @Ber.

Make your own qualified hero grading then instead of complaining.

Post it side by side of the existing ones.
And let people make up their own minds.


On the topic, all three blues are decent meatshield tanks.

I’d ascend Aegir or Richard if you’re choosing. Probably Aegir because his special is more, well, special than Richards.

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Good only when paired with good flanks. His only duty is to make those flanks fire and make you win the fight, better if flanked by 5-man hitters.


Solid hero with very high DEF and low HP.
Works better with a HoT or minions due to his “build”.
It help with damage and have a useful 3-target ATK debuff.


He can take some hits, he is better than Kashhrek.
It is the right choice to ascend if you want to have a 5* rainbow team before quitting the game :man_shrugging:


@VFROOD, what does your team look like, because Aegir is a special hero that needs specific flanks. Richard is a great tank and his special can make the difference between a win and a loss. It all depends on who you have on the flanks.

I’ve been told for months and months that Thorne is the bottom of the barrel meatshield. That said, I have him. Still trying to get Richard or Aegir.

Going by Anchor’s Hero Guide, they rate thus:

NAME Titan Offense Defense Overall
Thorne | C | C | C | C
Richard | B | C | B | B
Aegir | B | A | A | A

Therefore, Aegir.

I’m not having a blue tank at all. I have GM and Delilah as tanks. Blue I’m having Magni and Arthur will be next. My team consists of Zeline Sartana panther Marjana and almost at 4 lianna.

I’m asking this for team mates. So who must be next to Aegir as flanks?

I have aegir and have been messing about with him farming, can’t speak for the other two, but he is pretty good in an attack team, the health kick from tile damage is a nice boost. Shared damage is good too. I haven’t used him for defense yet but he seems versatile enough and I think under estimated. I’m happy to have him and will take him all the way.

If you have Zeline she is the first choice, Victor could help with his +DEF buff but she is just too good with her -ATK.

Azlar, Elena or Gravemaker would be a good choice, Kadilen could be a cheap green flanker when Zeline isn’t available and Drake Fong could help him surviving color stacking (very weak to blind), mana tricks and dispels.

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