Aegir Special - Discrepancy between raiding and defending

Aegir’s special states that heroe’s attack will heal;
during attacking, this will heal naturally heroes of same colour, which makes his special useful; during defending though, his special only heals the hero that made the attack, making the special drastically less powerful, I don’t think that was intended when constructing aegir and would explain his very poor results in raid defense area. Unifying his special mechanic such as it heals all heroes of the same colour when attacking would balance his performance across the board.

I consider this bug in mechanics as it clearly breaks his defensive usefulness and doesn’t work coherently across different play scenarios

What, really? I don’t have him to verify, but from my recollection, and from screenshots on the web, his special text makes no note of that.

Per the web and my recollection, the same-colour effect noted on the card, is the recover-4%-health-for-6-turns, not the heal-100%-of-normal-damage-dealt.

Did this change?

Well naturally when you attack with blue tiles and you have three blue heroes, game has no way of knowing which hero attacked thus you will get heal to all three blue heroes, with damage stacking bonus, that makes him great, this is completely removed when he is defending, thus making him garbage

In defense, his lack of useful response, together with the shared damage, makes the opponent, if he knows the game well, plays with 6, Aegir hurts his team.

Ah, I guess that’s one way to look at it. I see it differently though: It’s not just one hero attacking. All heroes of that colour make one attack. Although now you got me thinking … but still, even if you do consider it a single, coordinated attack, well, those single, coordinated attacks only happen while attacking.

Again, that’s not what the card says. It says only the caster and nearby heroes get the heal-100%-of-normal-damage-dealt. Unless each other blue hero is next to Aegir, it shouldn’t heal, by the card text. Of course, if those blues are next to Aegir, that’s what you get …

But do you really heal three heroes, each, by the sum of damage that the blue tiles did? I would have expected the sum of the healing these three heroes received to equal the sum of the damage done, although I admit the card text could have been clearer …

If you have something like green-red-aegir-red-blue; red have base attack 100, and you hit red tile, each tile does 200 damage, and each red under aegir’s special gets healed for 200. I suspect this is how aegir was balanced. Now I also suspect they didn’t put much thought into how to translate it to raid defense, and thus I am reporting it as a bug that they balanced it against PVE but didn’t bother with defense PVP.

Obviously Aegir is kinda balanced against PVE, clearly he isn’t useful in defence PVP, this leads me to believe this is an unintended bug

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That’s clear, thank you. I would have expected each to be healed for 100, and I suspect that would have been easier to rebalance, but that’s not call to make.

The latest update as I see it now even nerfed aegir in PVE, in that it now heals the reds by 100 instead of their group damage

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