Aegir post buff

I searched Aegir and didn’t really see this question being asked; “What are your thoughts on Aegir post buff?” If this is a duplicate I apologize but I couldn’t find it. Sooo is Aegir one of the best tanks now? What’s your top 5 list of best tanks?

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He isn’t bad at all Does reworked Aegir get the scopes?

Yes, Aegir is definitely worth the scopes. The healing factor helps immensely on raids, and the shared damage helps against most of the snipers. His skills help to prolong the battle, and has helped my raiding team to overcome many bad Boards to get a win.

Aegir is knive in my back from SG.

It was a bad hero and I didnt summon this month for that reason.

Everytime I raid against him the knive stab into me deeper.


Yes I raised that point before and most ignored that point or thought it was stupid - which I still disagree with.

I think he’s one of the best blue tanks now. And a top tank across all colours.

Nothing you and I can do about it if Small Giant wants to change or update HOTM after the month has ended unfortunately.

If his shared damage applied to all from the start, there’s no question I would have tried to pull for him even if it meant no Zimkitha. Of course it doesn’t mean I’d get him, but I would have tried


I dont complaint for SG change made in Aegir. They can make this changes and they made it.

But this changes rises Aegir to the top, in my opinion. And some players like me remember the not summon choice very dissapointed.

Now I see a ray of hope in the Avanced hero training camp.

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They can make the change of course, but it negatively impacts people like you and me who opted not to pull.

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