Aegir or Zulag with this bench?

It has happened… Exactly after 2 years after my last and only special hero (Aegir) I got a new non-season 1 5*. I did a single pull this morning and got Zulag. Jeej for me!
But now I will soon have a problem. Which Paladin tank should I use on my defence team? They are kind of the same: They stall, but put no pressure on the attacking team. Both just need a simple dispell to nullify their specials. However, colours matter and so does teamcomp.
To know what I can work with:

I have every single season 1 hero (TC20 x4 nets you a lot after 3 years of play).
I have the mats to Ascend any hero fully (or twice, or thrice)
My only special 5 stars are Zulag and Aegir
I have Emblemed C. Rigard and C. Melendor

My def. team now is Liliana+16 - C.Rigard+20 - Aegir +17 - Marjana +16 - Joon +14

I have fully ascended besides those
Elena +0
Magni +11
Vivica +0
Sartana +10
Isarnia +0

I have a million emblem reset buttons.

I was thinking maybe Zulag is a beter tank because Holy doesn’t have a lot of dispellers and was thinking of something like:


What would you guys and girls suggest? (Remember, I can also ascend any other Season 1 5* hero, I have no costumes).

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Remember Ares? While he buffs the attack and crit rate of himself and nearby on top of his heal over time, Zulag is just his defensive version with Element Link and Resistance ansent from HOTMs released in 2017 and early part of 2018. She is a passive tank and may only delay her death and her flanks, she doesn’t offer much oomph to the rest in eliminating the enemy attacker heroes. She may be a good purple tank but Ursena and even Kunchen still reign supreme for their element.

While I do agree with you, it doesn’t help me with my choice. If I had the luxury of choosing Ursena, I would :stuck_out_tongue:


For exactly the reason you stated, green has more heroes that dispel buffs, I would probably go with your Zulag option. It takes your very cool C.Rigard+20 out of the equation, but I think once you give Zulag those Aegir emblems it will be worth it.


What would be the ideal team setup according to you (or anyone else)?

I would go Zulag if it was me

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Yes, for that reason I think Zulag could be slightly better. Isarnia could work, but is slow… though when she fires and the enemie cannot cleanse, she is painful. Going full sniper (besides Zulag) and using Magni instead could also work. Recently I fought against a fully emblemed 5-Sniper team and it performed better than I expected.

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I would suggest an all sniper defense of Sartana, Marjana, Lianna, Magni, Joon. If you are swimming in mats, then by all means have fun with Zulag, but I don’t think you should give her emblems unless your alliance is considering using purple tanks for very fast wars or something. Your emblemed costumed Rigards will be used much more on offense as he heals/cleanses all where as Zulag only does 3. For Paladin emblems, Aegir will be more useful to you on offense for titans, so unless it’s an Alliance War necessity, I’d keep your paladin emblems on Aegir.
For future planning purposes, you might want to bring a Leonidas to 3-70 in case you pull his upcoming costume from costume event in the next month or two. He’ll be a 5* Guardian Jackal for titans, and finally provides an elemental defense down for holy in a 5*. Marjana’s costume will be the same for Fire.

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Well, seeing I pull a 5* every 2 years, that’s not very likely. However, to ease your mind, I have (besides Justice, Quintus and Horghal) all of them on 3-70.

I think I wont go full sniper and I see some support for Aegir and some for Zulag. She wont be 4-80 for a while, so I have some more time to think

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