Aegir or Richard



My choice would be Aegir, but not because of the current differences between the two; rather, I have read a few posts from beta players which lead me to believe Aegir will get a slight buff soon.

I made a 30x pull this morning in the hope of getting him (worked). If he gets a buff getting him back just half of the strength/skill he had in beta, I think he wiil be worth ascending.

Thank you…that information was key

I’m in this same situation richard or aegir lol im leaning towards aegir but either way i need 2 scopes for final ascension

Not sure when this might happen. Updates do not have a schedule.

Good luck.

Do you mind if I ask where you heard Aegir was perhaps being buffed? Was it on this board or somewhere else? Thanks!

Just my reading threads on this forum where a player I think is beta/active lounge said something.

Just me possibly reading too much in to a comment, but I changed when I spent gems so I could get Aegir. I had avoided that almost all month. Taking a chance.

Dare to guess what this “slight buff” might be?

If Aegir gets some sort of a buff, my guess is that it has something to do with skill duration. Perhaps instead of 3 turn skill they make it 5?

Ok, instead of basing information off of suppose future beta stuff, I’d rather base decision in terms of the general use of the hero. Aegir at the moment appears to have the most viable use for titan teams that is capable of improving one’s team survivability with his special. On defense as a tank it doesn’t appear to be going well for him at the moment with the current green heroes that are able to deal with him because his special has more use when in conjunction with tiles instead of upon activation. Now for Richard’s case, he’s a decent tank in terms of stats that’s further improved by his special’s attack debuff. Unlike Aegir, Richard is not a set-up fodder since his special can deal damage. And in titans, mainly pertaining to 9* and higher, he has the stats to take hits and all the while being able to decrease their damage output which could further help your team’s survivability as well. In an overall sense, Richard appears to have the edge. All and all this is personal observation to which others may say otherwise with their statement, but a hero with more general purpose is of more use especially if he’s your first 5* blue that you’ll be working on.

Aegir is a great 5 * blue. His specials nullify the counterattack and against the rare red titans who have the counterattack allows the survival of the blue heroes put under his defense. You have to use your imagination and do a lot of testing with a new hero and understand potential and weaknesses. He is great in attack and against the titans.

Aegir is very good card, if opponent have this card I think two times before I attack. Hard to beat imho.

I got Aegir not Richard just happy to get him but what I’ve seen of him in raids looks tough to roll

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