Aegir leveling skill issues

I seem to be unable to raise Aegir special hability level. He is already at level 13 on the second Ascension and so far no luck at all (apart from the level raise during the Ascension)

Any ideas? Only bad luck?

Bad luck. 20 char…

It looks to be bad luck… I’m not sure how you’re feeding him, but some people believe that feeding 10 feeders at a time increases your changes to leveling up the special. On color feeding (as much as you can) may help as well. That’s really all you can do. But he’s a 5* and you still have a long way to go, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much… I would recommend that you save feeders and feed him a bunch at a time vs trickle feeding.

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Sounds familiar. I have him too and i remmember that his skill was super lazy and did not improve at all when i started to level him up. BUT as i kept pushing forward, skill started rapidly to improve. Almost every time when i fed him, skill improved. He’s now 3^50 with skill 8/8.

Patience my friend :slight_smile:

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Yes feed him 10 hero same colour and only 2* and 1*. dont feed him max trainer or 3* hero

Yes… no point in wasting trainer heroes since they only give good ammount of XP and doesn’t affect much in skill improvement.

I’ve had a lot of luck by drip feeding 1* heroes of the same colour, one at a time. It may seem tedious, but I got my Wu to 7 of 8 special after his first Ascension. Once you get to a point you can go mad on it knowing that his Ascensions will max him out.

I received 3 Aegirs during the Grimm portal. I fed the second two to the first one at a time and each time it bumped his level. Just luck of the draw.

I suggest feeding him slowly 10 of 1* ice per time, 20% chance of maxing the special, takes time but you will suddenly see improvement , some will even come every feed or every other feed, but when you have a few experience point left to the ascension it might not change, after ascension the improvement comes again.
Just keep feeding, for me at the lower level, I didnt feed anything above 1*, just to slow down the experience and allow him to reach at least special 4/8 at first ascension.

I panicked too with my 5*

I received 0 level ups until I hit the end of Ascension level 2 - then I got 3 level ups in a row on the 3rd ascension level. Pretty random.

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Not a bug/issue just horrible luck