Aegir is out now. Is he worth a summon?

as far as I have seen Aegir has been modified quite a few times during Beta testing. Is he worth now or should I hold on to Magni?

I’m not thrilled by Aegir. However I expect I will do a number (possibly large) of pulls during November’s Atlantis and Halloween events, so it seems likely I’ll end with him. But the Halloween heroes look very interesting, so I’d recommend holding until they are up.


Sorry Kerridoc but you really mean November? I’m pretty sure he won’t be there, should be the red lioness. Do we have a starting date for Halloween side event?

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Sorry, October. I expect we’ll see the Halloween event this month, and I’m sure there will be an Atlantis game again—I’m hoping for Athena this month.

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I’m curious because they could start Halloween event on October and finish on November so people summoning there could try for both HotM. Like you I’m not thrilled about Aegir so I’ll also concentrate my October summons on Atlantis.


I had 23 epic hero tokens I was holding. Just tried for him and didn’t get him. Don’t really need him but was worth a shot. Waiting for grim forest and the Halloween event. I may try for Aegir later this month.

Could someone direct me to where i can read up on the Halloween event being discussed?

i found it on google but beta stuff is not allowed in the forum

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Quick summary of Halloween heroes, which I think is within SGG guidelines.

The boards have exploding pumpkins, similar the the exploding eggs from spring, but wth a mana gain rather than healing.

There are three event heroes: purple 3* and 5* and blue 4*. All similar design, vampires, with damage that increases on multiple casts and steals healing. There are some balance and implementation issues to sort, but I think these will be interesting heroes.


@Kerridoc. Thanks I appreciate the info.

Late for you but hopefully useful for others: it will be possible to use epic hero tokens for the Halloween event summons.


I’m not heaps excited by him. My luck on hotm has been minimal and such that I don’t expect to get them anyway.

In saying that, I’ll try for Hansel at the grimm forest event and if he drops then, awesome. Otherwise I’m more excited by what I’ve heard about the upcoming green hero (December I think)

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He looks like a tank and nothing more. Very limited uses.
Even as a tank, I think he could be improved by adding buff defense against nature.

You mean like the last part of his special?


Ops I missed that. That will make him a good tank.

Aegir is a solid old school tank. Buy time and prolong the lives of those around him. Pls don’t forget that his flanks will not die and will heal any injury when his special is activated. The more his team damage the opponents, the more they heal. That is almost near invincibility unless his flanks are crippled. Flank him with Magni/Alasie and Isarnia/Grimm.

The elemental link and green defense is just icing on the cake.

Many would say that they can debuff his special but what if they can’t and don’t get the right board? They are doomed. Most tanks would die anyway since raiders often stack against them.


Aegis has the same issue Ares has and why you don’t see ares in the top 100 often anymore!

One zeline or someone who knows how to debuff completely neutralizes aegir except for the elemental link.

Heck ares is slightly better at least his heal get a tick off and ares is good on attack. Aegir is a health share buff that likely won’t have any effect with anyone who knows how to debuff and a tile heal that likely won’t add much for the 1 turn you get to use it.

That’s aegir main issue, however the December green hotm will completely destroy aegir. It’s a huge elemental debuff that would normally overwrite his elemental buff but doesn’t need to becuase it already debuffs him and his flanks whole doing strong damage to aegir.

Saying all that good tanks are hard to find and aegir is still a good tank he’s just no where near Guinevere levels. But at least he’s strong vs gravemaker…

So if you don’t have Guinevere, gravemaker, or Delilah tanking for you aegir is good and probably at the same level as ares, zeline or aeron tanks.


Aegir sucks. He got gutted from his original design. Caedmon, freaking CAEDMON can neutralize him. Melendor can. Zeline can. Next month’s hotm will destroy him. And if you get him, you can level him up just in time.

SG will you release a decent tank again please?


A good tank must have something non-dispellable as Guinevere has the mana drain effect and at least a few ticks of regen after because you don’t have enough mana to dispel or do any special.

Anyone who may face Aegir will have fast mana Caedmon with dispel.

Besides fight versus Aegir is like killing a regular healer in the middle - you have to charge all your five, dispel and strike with all of them. The best thing is that you don’t care about how often Aegir will be charged or what to throw into him - he has no offensive skills or does any stacking on his team.

Instead of natural defence was better to give him any offensive skill to make him a tank )


Relatively new to the forums so i missed the lowdown. What’s exciting about the upcoming green HOTM?