Aegir in at #2 rank



It’s amazing how people trashed Aegir as a tank…yet as of now he is on a team ranked #2 worldwide…

Dont look squishy to me lol. Now his stock is gonna go up and the same people that trashed him is going to be some of the main ones trying to get him.

I say it all of the time…“All it takes are the right heroes around your tank and you can get into top 5 without Guinevere.”


So what?

He will be out of the top 100 before you know


Saw Rumpelstiltskin at wing on team was #1 for a bit. Never thought there would be a rush to try him.


I’ve also seen Isarnia as a tank in the top 3. Aegir is not that good, too easily countered.


Can we please stop judging heroes based on whether or not a top 100 player is using them…


Agree. Most of us will never be there.


Right now there’s a Thorne central, Elkanen wing and Boldtusk flank at n. 8

Woohooo, they are good then!


I would love to have him no matter what anyone else thinks about him. :sunglasses:



I don’t think anyone has said he’s squishy - just that he’s not very useful. I’m weak on green but he doesn’t bother me. He doesn’t stop me loading up my heroes mana like guin does.

I also don’t think he’s been trashed too badly. He’s just a disappointment when he was originally so promising.

I don’t care what top xx have in their teams. I don’t want aegir and won’t try to get him. I want zeline and not Cos she’s in a lot of top teams but Cos she’s a Fkn weapon and a half. She’s not awesome Cos she’s in top teams. She’s in the top teams Cos she’s awesome

Raiding my Dream Team - Red Hood, Hel, Guinevere, Zeline and Alasie, ... what's yours?

I think one doesn’t need to be strong on greens, blues will do just fine imho. Take Alasie/Magni, Grimm, Kiril and farewell increased defense against nature :wink:


Even a blind squirrel can find a nut. You won’t see argir there for long if he is even still there now?


Sounds like a cup-dropping strategy. lol


Getting into top 5 has nothing to do with a defense team. It is based on an attack team…

staying in the top 5-10 after you log out is when a defense team matters. And aegir is gone from the top 100 as I was looking for him already.

I can set my defense team to 5 aife and it doesn’t mean aife is good. Let that person log out and let’s see where they are in an hour.

Aegir isn’t a bad tank however but he’s similar to ares in how his special is negated. And ares is only in the top 100 2x.


LOL, Elkanen is good, only that most people don’t know it.


I can climb top100 pretty easily and stay there maybe half hour with gravemaker tank. Climbing there is all about attacking team and defence only keeps you close enough to climb there. Even Guinevere owners drops off there, when they are offline about 1 or 2 hours. Maybe even faster. So if you want reach there build your attacking team. Now days its enoug to build attacking team against yellow. :joy: Three purple should do the trick.


Yeah, and i have a secret relationship with Scarlet Johanson.

But she don’t know it yet.


:joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:…you people are funny…

BOSS WOLF is currently sitting at #1 as I type.

I dont care if you’re at #1 for 2.5 seconds with Boss Wolf or Aegir ( “non-good” tanks )…

The point is… that particular team made it to the number 1 spot by mostly beating teams that didnt have Aegir or Boss wolf as tanks. That team beat all those in the top 100 that had Guin as a tank.

So again…there is no such thing that Boss Wolf or Aegir are no good …because they were good enough to beat the same people that claimed they were not good and make it to the #1 and #2 spots…and it doesnt matter if they stayed there for the length of a sneeze or a star wars movie…they’ve accomplished more (making it in top 5) than most of you that have commented.

Pick your team wisely to surround your tank and you can make it the top. NOBODY stays #1 so it doesnt matter how long you’re there…just to make it #1 is a feat all in itself.

So those of you reading this that have those "non-good " tanks as they call them…dont listen to the naysayers…build a good team and shoot for that #1 spot.


Also…for those who say defence has nothing to do with making it to the top…I hope you understand Guin is a defensive tank…

Soooooooo…that means getting to the top DOES indeed have something to do with defense…especially when 40% to 60% of your top 100 have Guin.


That’s true Guinevere is good defence tank, but nothing more. She also makes raids little bit boring. But most don’t understand, that you can’t climb there just owning Guinevere. You need heroes to take her and any other tank down. Building attacking team also helps with titans and events. So I would rather use my materials on those than only tank hero. If you already have those then focus on defence teams.


Aegir and Boss Wolf are not great tanks. You see more Guineverre because she’s the only one who can really stick around when you log out.

I have been at #5 while rerolling every Guineverre tank. I picked on Delilah, Gravemaker, Ares, Horghall, Zeline, etc…

Aegir is in that B group. I’m sorry if the truth hurts. Before he got nerfed in beta, he was right below Guin, but now, once again, it’s Guineverre and then everyone else.