Aegir improvement

At the moment, this is one of the worst heroes of the month, I suggest adding to him a counterattack at least 50%, just now he is very bad, this is a weak worthless hero.

50% counterattack would just reflect 10% of the damage taken when he’ll be linked to the other 4 allies… it’s not so bad now, did you read v20 patch notes?


Yes, I read it, but it does not rehabilitate him, it is just as bad

А как же мусаши,эгир по сравнению с ним имба

Are you referring to the v19.1 Aegir or the new v20 Aegir? His design just got a substantial overhaul.


I think his new version is strong.
His old spirit link was only worth 9/25 of the new one (3/5 since only 3 allies are effected * 3/5 since the damage is only distributed through 3 heroes)
Defense buff is far more usefull (but unfortunately easier to dispell) than elemental defense, so that’s a plus.
100% heal on attack now affects all allies. Paired with def buff and link they heroes can easily get back most of the damage taken. Even on defense.

He isn’t OP by any means. Dispell and Wizards still ripp him apart and the defense buff doesn’t stack with Kiril or Magni, but i think he’s finally a worthy HOTM

I suggest feeding him to Alfie or any hero… Honestly, the upgraded version is really good.

If you don’t like him, don’t use him . Personally I would Want that character in my lineup.

Next thing ppl will demand he gets a golden sand or something… Sigh*

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I smell a troll…

Completely disagree with the “Weak and worthless” I think you will see far more Aegirs in top rankings then you may think after this rebalance.

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I’d like to see Obakans counterattack extend to nearby allies as others on the forum have suggested as it’s not great considering his meagre special skill attack percentage. Also, Musashi needs to either extend his heal to nearby allies or increase the heal percentage. He’s a HOTM yet his special attack percentage is low, or swap minor attack to nearby enemies for and nearby enemies so the same damage is done to nearby enemies aswell, being a rare hero to get he should have better special skills than your normal summonable heroes IMO.