Aegir Hero of the month grading

I’m still waiting to see raid videos Against aegir

so far i just keep seeing players attacking with him and that does not hep the good tank vs bad tank at all. so hopefully we see some of those lol

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So should I flag this one? I KID I KID… Also, YO FACE IS REMARKABLE… ill be in my corner with a dunce cap again.

earned my first flag badge. thanks zero lol

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In the other forum I (used to) moderate, I always began “official” posts like that with a header. I suppose I should go back to doing so to make sure everyone knows which hat I’m wearing when I post.


show off…

back to the corner with a dunce cap

Melted a snowflake

20 characters

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Finally in the end you succeed to make her at least shoot once xD

Nothing to complaint about the heroes, it is an asset that resemble much what i generally use (except i don’t have fast snipers… but ok, my bad) and i had to watch the video without audio for now, so can’t comment if you said something.

Even if there’s only one sample, i guess i understood your point. If there is only few good tiles on the board, you avoid them on purpose, not charging mana and hoping the table change “cleaning” only the bad tiles.
It is risky, but in a bad situation it’s probably the best solution to not touch the few good tiles we have only to see that mana flying away with Guinevre.
You already considering that you start your mana from zero and simply work on the table.

Now i really would like to see some raid “desperate” situation turning upside down using this method, but i guess it is not simple to make it occur and you have still your cups to protect :grin:

In all seriousness the flagging is a bit extreme. Caunt have a discussion when every millennial can’t handel words and flagging is to easy to abuse. Look above, while there are no punches pulled did it really warrent flagging? No swearing no racisim, sexusim or other isim. Just brused egos and people that are not strong enough for free speech.

I get the mods and the company need to keep order but the above flags are just silly.

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@Xero786 sorry you got wrapped up in this.

Best part about this game is everyone is free to have opinions on the game and build heroes how they like. If you don’t like Aegir, don’t roll or level him. If you like him, level him. But zero is absolutely correct that it’s way too soon to tell how good of a tank he is given the fact that most people don’t shotgun level heroes and it takes time to finish them. And one snapshot of top 100 is not even close to facts. I’ve gone from 3rd to 1300 in 15 minutes more times than I can count.


The legend! Zero my man. Appreciate the shout out - I didn’t find it when I looked earlier. Will later today.

Your who I look up to as a player. There are many that may beat you in a Challenge Event last minute and the like, or sit with you in the top 3 for awhile - but data doesn’t lie. No body comes close to you and there are a few that think they do lol. Thanks again.


I guess my PRIVATE response got sent to the forum - no worries! @Xero786 in the house!

@Razor I tried finding you on Line to compliment your efforts with your hero tool. Nice work you’ve done with it. Glad the guide has helped to produce your efforts. Keep up the good work bud!


Much Appreciated @Anchor - it all started when I came across your guide! It was the foundation to take the tool in all sorts of directions so thank you for that my man.

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Yes I remember ATHENA!!! I didn’t experience the massive damage she did to Titans but man was I bummed when she got Nerfed (again I didn’t get to experience what was so unacceptable). So I was really pissed because I paid a pretty $ to get her. Oh also I’m reading this from the bottom up - so I probably shouldn’t be talking!!! Sorry guys kinda a sore that just never healed and I had NO IDEA what was going on back then anyway!

Isn’t she sooo beautiful (SGG needs to get these artists back in the studio! Please!)

@Streets its every Saturday - but I randomize the time so no one knows when I sample it. I guess I should have kept the day secret lol.

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Thanks Razor. By the way, a little off topic, congratulations on the extraordinary war we had, decided by 3 points in the last attack, I enjoyed it a lot.


@Ber YEAH! I was in that one, man that was so dang close!!! I turned over TM to @Roxy_TM yesterday due to job hunt - and I spend to much dang time on E&P!!

Would have loved a re-match. Don’t know how you guys pulled that one out - was it strategic? My hats off to you guys - you don’t need to share secrets - I was done and just thought we were going to win - and DAMN? @Ber what is your alliance again?

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