Aegir Hero of the month grading

Are you the legendary Zero people talk about? :slight_smile:

I use Vivica and Rigard (the only 2 cleanse healers because of Gravemaker, Zeline, Panther, Hel, and ) plus Obakan, Tiburtus / Proteus, and Alasie. My win ratio is 90%.

Im sorry, i am thoroughly confused by a few things here. Neither Anchor nor I dispute that Guin is the best tank, by far. We also do not dispute that Gravemaker is a better tank. We simply state that Aegir isnt bad and is useful. So what exactly is the argument here? Why the comparisons to Gravemaker and Guin? They are who they are, we cannot do anything about it. And this thread has NOTHING to do with either Gravemaker, or Guinevere.

If your argument is that Aegir is no where to be seen in the top 100, its been 19 days since Aegir came out. And It took me 5 mins to climb into the top 100, and 2 mins to drop out of it. You need a much wider data set over several days and times to properly see the use of a hero on defense. I think there is a website that does this actually, if someone can please post here what that website is. Also, you need to actually wait more then 19 days to see the actual impact of Aegir on defenses.

Final point which everyone misses, the grading and thoughts of Aegir are our opinions. They arent facts. Can we be wrong? Absolutely! I personally thought Gravemaker would be a horrible tank when he was in Beta. Several folks in 7DD thought Ares would be a bad tank when he came out. We arent perfect and our word isnt law.


The bringing argument is based off the grading. The reason gueniver and gravemaker is they occupy around 70% of the tanks in the top 100. The point also follows that if Aegir is an “A tank” what kind of grade do the other heros that are representation of? Is gravemaker an “A++++++++ with a bag of chips?” There is no logic in your “opinionated” gradeing scale. We need hard facts and hard facts show Aegir is far below average.

Aegir may only be out for 19 days but you have a maxed one in your own videos other players have been voicing thier own opinions on third maxed version, there is one (just one) on the top 100 teams. So they are out there. Add in that Tarlak is the same age and has more representation on the top 100 should be some red flag. And to add insult to injury you have 10 times more 4* heroes than a 5* hero of the month!

But I do agree we need more data… Always more data. But based one the data (not opinions) the trend will continue to get worse for Aegir.

I have a maxed one does not mean every one with an Aegir has a maxed one, sorry bad assumption on your part. Your own data is showing Tarlak (been out a lot longer then Aegir FYI) and Perseus (also been out a lot longer) with more representation. That should tell you there arent many maxed Aegir’s out there.

And like i have said before, we do not base our grading of tanks around whether one can compete with Guinevere. If you want that kind of comparison, you are looking at the wrong chart.

That is why I supplied a real chart loaded with facts not opinions.

But in beta it turns out that if they are balanced and nerfed by the Geneva scale. Funnel?


a chart based of 1 snapshot of the top 100 and after 19 days of a hero’s release. You are supplying tainted figures to support your own opinions.


I beat this guin tank/4K team with a 3400 team of Sabina, tiburtus, Caedmon, melendor and little John. :slight_smile:

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not sure what you mean. I dont believe there is a nerf to Guin, not that i have heard of

Tainted? That was a real snap shot, everything is in black and white for everyone to make up their own mind. Not force-feeding them my opinions whith no statistical back up.

If you feel like we are force feeding anything here, i would suggest making your own chart backed by whatever “Statistical” facts you feel is acurate. You dont like the A grade on Aegir. no problem. Im not saying you change your opinion. You are coming here and telling me to change mine. Showing me a snapshot after 19 days of a heroes release. Even Guin didnt dominate the top 100 19 days after her release, but sure, use whatever you feel like is a “fact”

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no, I was nerpho Aegir using the Geneva scale

Evening ladies and gents,

Let’s not get too upset.

As @Xero786 has said, 7DD gradings are opinions based on experience but not infallible. Other opinions are available.

Please avoid making sweeping generalisations about elements of the player population or personal remarks.

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Ah. I dont think Aegir was nerfed because of Guin. Im actually not at all sure why he was nerfed. Boss Wolf is the hero that was nerfed because of his synergy with Guin

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Found the website that does a regular analysis of heroes used in the top 100.

Special thanks to @Razor for this. Its a very good analysis of hero use in the top. Also its not affiliated with 7DD. I believe he pulls our grades as a starting point, but the analysis is his own and he regrades them based on that analysis.


Now that is awesome and thank you for bringing it up. At the very least now players have statistical data they can compare to someone’s opinion.

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Any idea when this site gets updated? Is it a regular basis like the 1st if the month or 3rd week of a month? I kinda wanna follow it now I have something to compare too (not bashing 7dd I just need multiple views to make my own opinions.)

So i have good news and bad news. I have made a video of 4 Guin raids. Am in the process of editing it and uploading it.

The bad news is that 2 of those boards were ridiculous. And 2 of the boards opened up to be good. So I will try and make another video at a later time.

Once I post it and you watch it, let me know if you want me to change up the heroes in any way.


It can be both, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

i believe it’s updated on a weekly basis. You can go to and there you’ll find all the info you seek in regards to the tool which is actually part of the former website