Aegir Hero of the month grading

I think there is a language translation issue (GVM?), but let me set your mind at ease about me:

I don’t have Guin OR Aegir (or any HOTM for that matter). If I propose the buff or nerf of a hero, it is not for my personal benefit, but because I believe that hero is too weak or too strong.

EDIT: I just searched for topics containing the words “nerf” and “Aegir, written by me, and this thread is the only one that comes up, in all of the Forum.

Of course not Rook, or Zero, or someone else like Cop. I do not accuse you, I ask Who caused this injustice that could have changed the game? How much does 7dd have to do with this?

Why does it have to be 7DD? I don’t understand the desire for a witch hunt.

SG nerfs and buffs. No one holds a gun to their heads. Sometimes the gaming community applauds or deplores their changes (anyone remember Athena?)


As an outsider to beta and the lounge and any of the branded alliances, I have to say you are not watching the devs. My gross assumption is that if you look forward to upcoming 5* HOTM or event heroes you will see a hero who would be OP when matched with Aegir.

Just a hunch

But gin, which is a clamor, is not touched. And it does not play because someone in beta does not like it and we do not talk about GVM. Are developers puppets in the hands of a few? Do a few manage the gameplay ,? A community of thousands should know this, to see if they are interested in dancing their rhythm. The only answer to this is to return your home to Aegir or nerfear to Geneva and GVM, there is no more dignified exit.

I’m sorry, but there are a lot of buried assumptions and accusations in there and I refuse to wear a tinfoil hat (believe in conspiracy theories).

Unless you have proof, let’s get back to Forum Rules, where criticism is constructive and no one is guilty until proven so. :slight_smile:

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It’s a developer decision. Volunteer moderators are not party to the reasons for all decisions, I’m afraid.

But there are many examples of heroes being adjusted as time passes.

I would say I am not insinuating and I hate opinions or feelings over statistical data that can be backed up I can understand why members can make the jump to think a few have the ability to make game balancing decisions that effect the entire player base.

I am not remotely claiming that is the case but I am compassionate on how one could make that link. But innocent untill proven guilty and when it comes down to it there has not been any verifiable proof. Hense I still play :slight_smile:

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lol stick with that theory. let me know how far it gets you. theres 2 ways to go about getting info:

“you serves us, tell us what we want to know, it’s part of your obligation for spending hours a week testing and discussing a product that is in development so that the community can have a better one. If you dont tell us then it’s total bs and I’m going to rant and rave like a child until you do what i tell you”


“hey it would be pretty cool if someone from beta would be willing to share with us what was discussed when aegir was nerfed, i understand if no one wants to, but i think it would be much appreciated by the community”

which one do you think would have a better chance at obtaining the info you want?

Grow up.

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i got flagged :joy: what did i do lol


I’ve flagged a number of posts that had left the topic of “how’s Aegir?” and veered into the “how does beta testing work” – with some remarkable implied accusations along the way. Moderators will continue to keep this conversation on track. If you want to have that conversation, please start a new thread.

I apologize to people trying to be helpful whose posts got swept up in the process.


I’m still waiting to see raid videos Against aegir

so far i just keep seeing players attacking with him and that does not hep the good tank vs bad tank at all. so hopefully we see some of those lol

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So should I flag this one? I KID I KID… Also, YO FACE IS REMARKABLE… ill be in my corner with a dunce cap again.

earned my first flag badge. thanks zero lol

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In the other forum I (used to) moderate, I always began “official” posts like that with a header. I suppose I should go back to doing so to make sure everyone knows which hat I’m wearing when I post.


show off…

back to the corner with a dunce cap

Melted a snowflake

20 characters

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Finally in the end you succeed to make her at least shoot once xD

Nothing to complaint about the heroes, it is an asset that resemble much what i generally use (except i don’t have fast snipers… but ok, my bad) and i had to watch the video without audio for now, so can’t comment if you said something.

Even if there’s only one sample, i guess i understood your point. If there is only few good tiles on the board, you avoid them on purpose, not charging mana and hoping the table change “cleaning” only the bad tiles.
It is risky, but in a bad situation it’s probably the best solution to not touch the few good tiles we have only to see that mana flying away with Guinevre.
You already considering that you start your mana from zero and simply work on the table.

Now i really would like to see some raid “desperate” situation turning upside down using this method, but i guess it is not simple to make it occur and you have still your cups to protect :grin:

In all seriousness the flagging is a bit extreme. Caunt have a discussion when every millennial can’t handel words and flagging is to easy to abuse. Look above, while there are no punches pulled did it really warrent flagging? No swearing no racisim, sexusim or other isim. Just brused egos and people that are not strong enough for free speech.

I get the mods and the company need to keep order but the above flags are just silly.

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