Aegir Hero of the month grading

I have made a video showing uses for Aegir and how he will be used at later levels. Kind of a complicated hero, so wanted to explain in video form and show you live usage of this guy in action. If you watched the video and are not subscribed yet, i would appreciate the subscription. Support from the community really helps me keep my channel alive with fresh new content.

also if you want to see the full list of hero grades of every hero feel free to check out our website at:


will watch. my 1st anchor youtube viewing, popcorn is ready lol. hopefully this eases some disgruntlement for some about the current hotm. I’m one of the head scratchers when it comes to aegir. @Anchor before i watch, does this discuss aegir offensively and defensively or just one side? I’ll watch either way but curious

I don’t think will have any chances to have him but definitely it will be good to showcase all the HOTMs Pro / Con in your videos in future.

Was watching the video and notice how useful he will be if pair correctly with the right heroes in all situation.

Definitely change my mindset on him and why you stated that he’s a good A hero compare to others.

defense is the biggest disagreement between players and i dont feel the video satisfies either side of that argument. hopefully soon we see raid and war videos against aegir as a tank and see how well he does in the role he was designed for

How about some videos where you fight teams that have Aegir on defense please.

Last week i played 3 times against a aegir Team. 2 times against kozyavkaGan from aggressive and one time against reubeucop from 7dd.
KozyavkaGans aegir was flanked by Two gravemakers.

In all 3 raids i Won with this lineup easily:

Grave, joon, aeron, sartana, vivica

Now both Player dont use him anymore as a tank, Hmm.


I am not saying this is the case but I feel alot of people want to hang on to thier lead with Guinevere and gravemaker. So they have a vested interest to keep Aegir down as best they can. I mean a blue counter to Gravemaker would spoil alot of the top 100 day.

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I’d love it if there was wider use of different color tanks, good or bad. Luck of the draw gave me a mountain of tabards and for a very long time no dark 5* worth a tome of tactics compared to my other 5*s, so a yellow tank like Guin is still the hardest color for me to take down.

I watch the video and i want to be sincere about it.
If your purpose was to show the good qualities of this hero… I’m not that impressed.

Honestly if you want to make it shine raiding, you should use a more “C2P asset”, without so many great heroes with him.
For what concern the titan battle, you do some great scores, but you use at the same time nados and have a really great board. And i mean it, really great. So great i see one of those only once every month or more. And yet 99k is… Bad.
With the same board i would easily break 110/120k with Isarnia, not even mention Alasie or Arthur in his place.

Yes, he provide a huge shield on your team and make them survive until the end, but neverless you have used some great items the same, and in your shoes i probably take a timestop and survive just fine without him. (Yeah, i know that probably you use dragon bones on dragons attack, but i always considering the point of view of a more “normal” player)

So rather then justify his ranking, i see something quite disappointing.
Don’t want to pick a fight with you, i know you put much effort doing it.

How can i say it…? It’s like doing a parking tutorial for newbies with a Lamborghini.
It may be even a good video, but it seems far from the reality.


Definitely have to agree with your point over here.

He’s clearly a better defensive option than trainable blue 5*. The main thing I have to say here is irrelevant to the point you’re trying to make, it’s about the video quality. This is good video quality. A lot of your YouTube videos are unwatchable because we can’t see the gameplay very well. This gameplay takes up the screen and your voice is background, that’s good. The facecam videos with distracting desktop icons in the background and the gameplay is only 25% of the screen is not good.

I have to agree with Elpis on the point that the video does not convince me that Aegir is a good hero, with reference to raiding. All 3 videos are against Guin and most of the work is done by Hel, Panther and Aeron. Hell, I think Aeron even play a better part in keeping the team alive than Aegir. The main tank was dead before Aegir started to show off anything. How hard can the remaining battle be when the tank died so fast?
The last raiding video shows how useful his life link is but that is only life link, but does not know how good his main specials are.

I totally agree with you. Anchor’s hero setup is far away from earth.
With the creme de la creme it’s easy stinking… to have Aeron, Panther and Hel in one team needs a dollar or two :wink:
But Anchor’s videos are general good and appreciated.


I attacked a 3/70 Aegir tank with triple green and double purple, I used melendor, Caedmon, little John, Sabina and proteus. It took me 3 tries to take the team down due to not getting tiles to charge my specials. Everyone always says “that hero can be dispelled so it’s not that good” but you need the mana first eh?

Your Need definetely Two sniper in your Team.

I always Beat aegir Teams with this lineup:

Gravemaker, joon, aeron, sartana,vivica

I wouldn’t have charged my mana fast enough anyways

And your team needs more green against aegir lol

I am not saying this is an Aegir issue but you yourself said “due to not getting tiles” which would suggest that it was a bad board luck issue not really due to Aegir.

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but on that same note, biggest complaint about guin is that she’s hard to beat with an average or worse board. how come no one attributes bad boards to her strength rather than just saying she’s overpowered because they lose with bad boards?

Because in Guinevere’s iven with a good board, no matter how well you play and plan out her abilies out weigh most strategies in most cases.

I’m not asking for Guinevere to be nerfed more… Hell I know I will get her eventually it’s not an “if I get her” but rather "when I get her’ I am going to abuse her in my lineup to the fullest extent. What alot of people want is a counter to have an average chance to win when they fight her.