Aegir heals not working?

I have noticed this for awhile now, figured it was just me not being familiar with Aegir as he is my newest 5*. After paying closer attention to my attacks I have noticed that after Aegir fires his special from the middle position, the two heroes flanking Aegir (Marjana & Gormek), the percentage of damage that was supposed to be converted into a heal for that hero never heals them. I took a short video of the fight to show an example but the forums won’t accept .mp4 files.

Marjana clearing had room to accept heals. And Aegir’s self healing worked just fine, but he was the only one getting the heals. I double checked Marjana during the battle while Aegir’s buff was active (thinking I was misunderstanding how the effect got resolved-like maybe all the damage actually turns to heals just for Aegir) and Marjana’s active buff from Aegir clearly stated that 74% (could be wrong on that percentage) of her damage is converted to a heal for her.

Am I still missing something here? Or is this actually not working as intended?

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