Aegir bug...? Should damage from Perfect Riposte (counterattack) be shared by Sprit Link?

Howdy, I think I found a bug with spirit link. I had just put up Aegir’s spirit link and Joon was protected. Then I used Joon’s special on a Kiril that had reflect up because of a Cyp I had previously killed. Well I figured Spirit link would absorb the reflect, go figure my poor Joon nearly 1-shot himself instead…

Can anybody confirm if this is intended and clarify the spiritlink description if so?


This is indeed how Perfect Riposte works, even when you have Spirit Link on your attacking hero.

The damage that was reflected back to Joon is “true damage” that hits him directly, and doesn’t consider defense or status buffs, as @Wharflord explained — so this is working as intended.

Some good strategies to deal with Perfect Riposte:

  • Dispel first, either with a non-attacking means like Melendor/Sabina; or with an attacking dispeller like Sonya/Caedmon, ideally targeted at a hero without Riposte; or with Kageburado, who dispels before hitting

  • Wait for Riposte to wear off before firing, or choose a different target

  • Have a healer ready to fire, and risk taking the damage and healing it right after

  • Treat it like trading queens in chess — sometimes it’s a worthwhile sacrifice if it’ll take out a hero that’s otherwise about to devastate you


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