Aegir - better tank or flank?

I don’t have a good tank, just getting my first 5* units. I have Aegir as a tank on D at the moment, not because he is good at that spot, but because I have no better.

This has made me wonder if he makes a better flank than tank. As a tank, his sharing of damage causes the flanks to die fairly fast, but if he flanked, his shared damage would protect the tank (but hurt the sniper on that side).


Please don’t make this a bash Aegir thread (we have enough of those). I just like your thought on the tank vs flank.

BTW, my current defense is Gravemaker, Evelyn (3/70), Aegir, Rigard and another 4* (currently Kiril). I just got Joon and Zimkitha is being leveled to 3/70.


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You have GM who is the most represented Hero in the top 100 and challenges Guin as tank. I feel I see him just as much now.

Aegir would have to be tank if he had to be on defense. He is pretty good, he is just no GM or Guin. He should be able to keep you near the bottom tier of Diamond.

Due to regeneration and the ATK buff this team could somewhat work but don’t hope to stay over 2550 cups. With Rigard or Kiril as tank you would sit around 2350 so don’t level Aegir unless you would use him on attacks (where he does his best).


Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I already have Aegir at 4/80 (before I knew how bad of an HotM he was)

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Best place for him in any lineup is on your bench …


Not to derail the topic, but how did you get all the cards to be side by side each other? Are you using a website or a tool for it?

I’m using @Razor’s teams utility and paint :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s pretty fast 'n useful when sharing tips!


Thank you!! I was looking for something like this :slight_smile:

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