Aegir best flanks defense team

Hi. Today I got Delliah from event nad I’ve been wondering about a new defense setup with Aegir as a tank. Which heroes are potentially the best flanks for Aegir’s special ability in defense and why? maybe Zimkithia/Aegir/Delliah will do?

There is no possible flank combination to make Aegir a good tank.


Since Aegir is one of the few tanks that people don’t bother to double/triple stacking against him, you can think to double/triple green around him.

This way if someone want to use more reds to go against them, they use the weak color against him.

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Then you just do a red stack, make him proc his special, and snipe the flank to kill the front 3. Say Falcon and Marjana or another… say goonight to the front 3. Just don’t hit Aegir with red specials. They fall like dominoes. Aegir does NOTHING to the other team and you don’t even have to hit him to kill him. He is a tile pin cushion to power up your heroes of any color.

What’s funny about this is the best flanks for Aegir would actually be 2 other tanky blues. With one possibly being a healer (Ariel?) Leave team killers in the corner and hope he slows the attackers down enough.


There’s several different ways to fix him to make him threatening, without causing the problems of his beta nerfs, ie: synergies with Guinevere. Th ey ruined Aegir so they didn’t nerf their cash cow.

I flank my aegir with Victor and Jabbar and I’ve started winning a few more defences than usual. Also was my best defence set up for our last war.

Not a bad idea to get an armor debuff on him asap with Victor, but I bring Jackal and Joon and that team is done.

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Unless you get a terrible board and my kiril buffs my Azlar and rips a hole in your team. So many variables mean even the best heroes can be beat.

I’ve lost to a Thorne tank before with a terrible board, and I did lose one to an Aegir tank a month or so ago with the worst board I’ve ever seen… but that’s the only time Ive ever lost to one. Azlar is a good defense, but squishy… I always bring Zim or Rigard vs him, his initial hit isn’t a big deal. Someone not prepared and has a double bad board will burn though. There’s definitely some rng to it.

I’m just saying no matter what you put out, Aegir is an easy counter and HELPS THE ATTACKER KILL YOUR TEAM. If we ran blue tanks and someone put Aegir in, they better change it.

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To charge red heroes you have to use red tiles. Red tiles do half the damage to him, and consequentially half damage to his flanks. Triple stacking reds meaning 1,5 damage for a single red tiles, while for green that double the damage, even with his elemental defence damage is still more high.

As he is meant to take time, this is the best way to take time.

The thing is, I don’t care what the tile damage to Aegir is. People are fighting him wrong if they try to kill him with tiles. I’ve held off killing him with a good board just so he fires his special. His special helps me win. Red just means I don’t have to worry about killing him too fast. I kill him with specials… without touching him.


You may not want to kill him with tiles, but you still want to weaken him, and his flank friends.
And if he has (just to say) Evelyn and Zeline next to him you don’t want let them fire even once.

Once again, maybe i’m too much positive, or you just too much negative.
I’m afraid opinions tend not to be absolute in one sense.

This. I dump tiles into him just so I can knock down the front 3 all at once. Gives me lots of room to maneuver with bad boards too.

Best flanks for Aegir are high-defence heroes so you can’t just smash through them. Aegir flanked by 2 780+ def heroes I usually reroll.


But if Evelyn and Lianna fire, I lose one. If the AI doesn’t botch it. I’ll kill all 3 before they charge again because no one else is doing damage or slowing my charge rate down.

Exactly. I’ve had some pretty terrible starting boards with Aegir that would have cost me vs a competent tank. But, he gives me time to work the board, and when I do win, all I can do is shake my head at how bad he is.

7dd must be playing a joke for giving him an A grade as a tank. Anchor should rethink doing grades if all he is going to do is fool new players and followers into thinking this guy is a good raid tank.

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I think a lot of that grade is based on the beta experience. I just think it might be wise to revisit it in light of recent experience. At this point, though, there haven’t been new Aegirs entering the game for a few months, so the benefit of an update is probably pretty minimal.

The only thing aegir does is spread out damage to slightly slow down a single hero’s death but in the process all three center hero’s take even more damage.

So the only way I saw him being useful was taking normally slow but powerful hero’s who need time to charge and have the other player pick thier poison of the three.

Flank aegir with something like azlar and insarnia…
This combo is better if you have an alby in the wing by azlar. So alberitch, azlar, aegir, insarnia. The last spot can be victor, or Whatever your fancy.

Your hope is insarnia and azlar Fire.

Here’s your red stack vs Aegir with green flanks… not a good starting board either… just did this 15 minutes ago


I guess these opinions are highly influenced by our strategies.

I consider myself a good raider. I like it and i have a good winning rate.
I not cherry pick my opponent. I really like to go against Guinevre-Zeline-Gravemaker-Kageburado-Victor lv 30 troops even with two 4* and lv 15 troops.
I do not evade them, i literally search for them. That’s the kind of player i am.

But because i do not have this great deck of snipers or good 5*, my strategy rely very much on tiles, and if i have to rely on tiles i have to take with me heroes with very high attack (Aka, glass cannons)
More fast i can take down the tank, more easy my battle will be.

Aegir as a tank that take time, totally get in my way with bad boards (good boards i pretty much win against anything). If he manage to keep alive his flanks as much as for one special, then it’s really bad for me.
Not be able to ghost tiles means that i charge my heroes at half speed, and at the same time charge faster the opponents mana.

That’s probably why i don’t see him as bas as you see it.
For me It’s just another H9tM that i have to take down as soon as possible.

Holy cow, how can you say it was not good?!
You stacked 4 reds and gets a match 3 right behind Zeline as first move!
And get good combos too after!

With that board you would win even if in his place was Guinevre.

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