Advise the Penguin plz

Wondering which to level next. I consider my yellows pretty good -

LB +20: Faline and C White Rabbit
+20: c1 Viv, Kara, Uraeus, Onatel, Neith, Joon

Poseidon maxed no emblems, finishing Odin this week.

To consider:
Pros -
Would be my first 5* overhealer
Would be first fiend protection
Pairs nicely with Kara for 2022 fam bonus

Cons -
Heal 3

Inari + cosume
Pros -
Minions give mana
Choice of dodge or blind
High tile damage

Cons -
Already have maxed Bastet for dodge Neith/Joon for blind
Small minions

Have emblems to get either started (to somewhere around 10-15), but not immediately to +20. Don’t think I would LB either if maxed.

  • Celidana
  • Inari + costume

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Thanks! :penguin:

Celidana can also help you immensely to survive in the towers as her defence buff never goes away, until her overheal gets knocked off
Protects against Amphitrite’s fiends in styx

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I don’t find have Bastet a negative with C
Inari only because Faline and rabbit are much better on defense. Ianri will help a lot with war depth.


Next decision I would like advice on is green heroes.

I am doing the LB1 levels on El Naddaha right now. She’s by far my best attacking green hero.

5* greens

+20 & LB1
El Naddaha
Cb Lianna

+19 - Tarlak

4/80 no emblems
C Elkanen

G Chamaleon
C Yunan
Morgan Le Fay

My next green to level, for me, is between Grace and Ratatoskr.

Grace is a hit-3, and applies special def down, so Naddaha would hit harder after. Ideally, I would get Evelyn or Almur for the ele def down and the three should make a great team.

Rata would improve my titan team, and possibly be useful as a healer in raids/wars. For reference, my team for attacking blue titans now is cBrienne (def down), Naddaha (for att stat), Gadeirus (att up), Franz, Tarlak. They post fine scores although I hate not having EDD. Rata would replace Naddaha for the moment, and if I am blessed some day with a greed edd, Rata would be in Gadeirus’ spot.

Emblems - Rata’s monk has an advantage


Who to level?
  • Grace :deer:
  • Ratatoskr :chipmunk:

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I put Rata but not by a long shot. I typically use 3-2 in my raid teams with a healer in each color (depending on the opponent). MN is a great hero but the slow healing heroes are rarely used for me when attacking. Rata pairs great with other green and in a 3 stack those extra powered green tiles hit HARD. He’s also great on tower levels and of course titans. Grace is a solid hero, but for me the rat suits my playstyle better.

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OK, So… I picked Rata :chipmunk: and I’ll tell you why… One thing to consider with Grace, is that, she prevents the application of taunt, so I’m not sure how this would interract with El Nad’s buff prevention - i.e. would it block the taunt and therefore prevent the damage of buff applying? It is an interesting one…

Anyways, I would personally still vote for Rata just on the basis that he has more versatility in other areas and another green healer for you wouldn’t necessarily go amiss in my opinion. But I am someone who likes to try and have a healer and a booster in each colour personally.


Looking at your rooster, I would strongly advise for Grace!
You are in desperate need for a fast 3x Hit-3 Stack.
Forget about her Taunt-prevention. Its her special-DefDown in combination with relatively good damage where she shines.

For heal you could go with rather cheap(related to material cost) 4* like Rigard & Co. and for Titans, Rata also works “okay” at 3/70.


This is exactly what I was going to say :nerd_face:. Take Ratatoskr to 3-70 for Titans for now, and max Grace 1st.


He is a very underrated hero IMO

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I’ve wanted to max him for a while … if I could go back, I would’ve levelled him instead of c Elkanen or Elradir. Hopefully, I get to him soonish

Ok, so I ended up going with Grace. Thanks all for advice and opinions.

Next, I am just about finished with C Inari from the first poll above, and was planning on Celidana next, but I got Gilligan, and am unsure between the two. Neither are great, but (imo) neither are awful.

Which yellow next
  • Celidana (first 5* overhealer)
  • Gilligan (potentially good vs lb2 heroes?)

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Secondly, purple decisions.

My purples -

  • LB1 +20 - Bastet, Seshat, G Panther
  • +18 or more, no lb - Chakkoszrot, Viscaro, Ursena, Clarissa
  • maxed no emblem - c Sartana
  • 3/70 - Freya

I took Freya from FS, but waited to max, as I think Bera is generally better and was hoping to get her in second FS list. I have enough saved pulls to get my first pick from the new list pretty quickly. However, I also just pulled c Killhare from Springvale. Also have Thoth-Amun, whose 280% to three at fast would actually go well with my G Panther.

So, purples -
  • Level 3 and 4 stars, wait on Bera
  • Finish Freya
  • Level Killhare & costume
  • Level Thoth-Amun?!
  • Level Morax!?

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Where are you at ascension mats wise for Holy & Dark, and what are the 3* & 4* Dark options you’d be working on if you went that route?

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17 darts, 25 tabards

Really only Aqeela and Aderyn - I have Boomer and Budatin unlevelled, but they are low priority. If I finished A&A and didn’t have Bera yet, I would work on LB1 for Ametrine (4* Ninja) and maybe LB1 for Ana-Belle.

Emblems -

  • Monk (Bera) - 1143
  • Druid (Freya) - 672 (and a couple I can reset)
  • Warrior (Killhare) - 26 (but could reset no costume Elena)
  • Sorcerer (Thoth-Amun, Morax) - 1971
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Here is my take after after considering everything :nerd_face:

~Holy: I voted Celidana - while she does only heal self and nearby, she does a huge overheal with that added +D ability. From my perspective, she is the best heal 3 in the game by far, and having that overheal option at the 5* definitely has benefits. My initial take.on Gilligan wasn’t the best, but I’m always open minded for use cases others find or that develop with added game mechanisms…and Gilligan is someone I am interested to see how he fits in with the added 2nd LB Powers, like you mentioned. I do think that might take a little more time for him to benefit fully from though. Once more defenses start having several of these buffs at the start is when I think we’ll see his true potential. Thus, I think Celidana would be more beneficial for this time period.

~Dark: I voted to work on the 3* & 4*'s while waiting for Bera. I think the two 3*s are solid and having the added stats for Ametrine & Ana-Belle would be very useful. I do think that Bera has the edge over Freya, especially being able to shut down other minon makers. After all of that you still have plenty of mats to max Freya if that’s who you’d want to max next. The added emblems also really helps for the Bera vs. Freya debate, for me at least.

Whatever you choose, I hope that it brings joy to you while playing :nerd_face::nerd_face:


+1 to what @OAlexisO said :slight_smile:

Celidana will be very useful at least in rush. About Gilligan most people talk about him being potentially good in theory, but I am not sure how much he was actually tested.

From those that you mentioned I think Bera is most useful overall. At least I find more uses for her in wars and raids. Freya is more for farming (and maybe events). Killhare works good with Sergei, but though I have her maxed (and costume), never used her very much.


Closed purple poll, going with 3/4* options until Bera from next FS.

Leaving yellow open still although it looks like Celidana will win easily, only because I still have a bit to go on c Inari.

Thanks Alexis, Seeker and everyone who voted!

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