Advices to go through the last stage of Frostmarch quest

Hi all,

I need some advices to win the last stage of frostmarch.

This is my limited roster:

Thanks for the help!

Use skittle, mnesus, boldtusk, tibby, chao. The important thing is to Rambo. Save up a lot of 5 links before the boss fight. Have all heroes alive. Then go into the boss fight and fire off all specials, battle items (axes, bombs, dragon), and 5 links. This is your best chance to beat it.

unfortunately I don’t have dragons or bombs, I can forge axes 5 of them for 1k points, can be useful

Your suggestions worked perfectly!
Just with 5 axes, mana and healing potions, I’ve gone through with no losses.

Thanks again


Congrats on beating it. Those 4* mats are always worth the struggle


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