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I have been playing empires & puzzle for 55 days now.
This is my situation:

I have a 5-star hero (quintus), two 4-star heroes (kelile and boril) and nine 3-star heroes.

But I have a problem with construction:

  • Fortress: level 15.
  • 2 training camps: level 14 and level 4.
  • 4 iron stores: level 15.
  • 3 mines: level 7.
  • 4 farms: level 14.
  • 2 food stores: level 7.
  • 2 houses: level 8.
  • A barracks: level 2.
  • Watch tower: level 3.

I have 10 free construction slots, how do you recommend continuing?
How many recommended mines to build?
And how many farms?
And how many iron stores?

Buildings cannot be erased and I am afraid of making mistakes.

P.s Sorry for my bad english

We will end with the same buldings in the end. So dont think of what to build.


The only mistakes or decision is which building do you convert for Barrack?
Best building to convert Barack is only Forge, other building has more advantage. So, make sure you did not convert other then Forge.

EDIT: if you forget, just convert back, it does not cost anything.


Ok at this point in your game I would look to the following…
level up SH to 20
Level up 3 x TC - one at 13 and the others at 11
Level up a Iron storage to 18
Level up food storage to 14
Build farms and mines to match SH
Level one forge to match SH
Level up barracks only when level limits troop development
Level up troop houses to 9
Level up watch tower to 17

So if your SH (Strong Hold) is at level 15, that should be 3 Training Center (TC).
I will setup like this, each TC:

  1. TC 11 - stanby for stocking recruits, or TC4 (mini version of TC11)
  2. TC 13 - stanby for stocking food and also can get *3 and chance *4 heroes, later switch TC13 to TC20
  3. TC2 or TC 1 - depend on mats (adventure kits/backpack or sword).

Then later, you can sometimes use TC19 for faster leveling and burn food and rugged cloth mats. So IMO, only research: TC1, TC2, TC4, TC11, TC13, TC19 and TC20.

Houses: I think best and eficience max for 71 recruits for TC13. Just remember before almost full recruits, bring all to TC11 or TC2/TC1. You can also move recruit from TC to other TC.

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The important buildings are suplies (farms, mines) and storages. Level them as fast as the SH.
You are limited to × # of buildings and types per levels so i I’ve built all the slots, and leveled the most important one.
You will get more spaces when you reach SH 15. Then 20
TC’s 1@4, 1@11/13, 1 following SH
Farms i have kept them at 15.
Mines as far as you can.
Storages maxed ( Sh 20 needs all iron storage at 18 min. TC 20 food storages at 18 min.)
Houses @10 is good enough. (Holds 140 recruits)
Forges 1@ 18, the others take your time.
Barracks up to you
Eventually you will maxed every building as you progress onward.
Hope it helps, that the way i went about it,
Have fun

You cannot make a mistake with the buildings as at the end you only have specific quantities of each building you can make. When done at level 20 you will have the same number of each building as everyone else. All you can do then is move them around.

As said above your main decision is which building to convert to a barracks. And later at level 21 which to convert to hunter’s lodge. Safest for these is forge. You will need all the iron and food you can make and store.

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