Advices for my defence team

Hi all,
I need an advice to improve my defence team.
Now I run Seshat 3/70, Boldtusk +7, Boril+18, Li Xiu+12, Kingston+3 3800 team power.
I’m in high platinum and open the heroes chest in diamond.

My roster is:

I want to change my defence team.
What do you think is the better configuration?

Seshat - boldtusk - boril - Li - Kingston.

Grazul can replace boldtusk later. Boril is your best tank. Neith needs to replace li

Maybe move Kingston in to Li spot but Li xiu isn’t great I. The corner

Proteus May be better seshat for now. I would try both and see which holds more trophies

Thanks, I’ll try to change Seshat with Proteus .

I’m thinking if Boldtusk +18 will be a better thank than Boril.

Boldtusk May work, but I see far more borils at 2400 than I see boldtusk.

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