Advice (which hero gets the class) ask and get answer(s)

Put here your difficulty in decisions. If you doubt maybe someone els can give advice
I just got 38 tokens, so on my way to 65 for Gravemaker.
I won’t need advice about him and would like to get 60% extra defence and 40% extra attack.

First choice i will get is:

  • Panther
  • Delilah

I’m pushed towards Panther and would choose 50/50 attack/defence. Better: 60/40 because 50/50 seems not possible. Panther needs some extra defence in my eyes… lol

Second choice i will get is:

  • 5 star Marjana
  • 4 star Jackal

I’m going to like 80 defence and 20 attack to jackal. Maybe he won’t be blown away that fast then.

Am i making right decisions or should i do something complete else?

PS… i don’t have much extra choises as i haven’t leveled up much more heroes. (And Zeline will get the monk) :smiley:


I have big dillema(fix?)
Joon 4^80 + 20 or “5*” Wu?

My first upgrade today:

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5* wu is good against titans. Could be doubt for me 2… for me choice would add Rana. I would not choose wu. But with great doubt.

Ranger: Gregorian or Evelyn? I was already dithering over which to give the ascension mats to, and now classes have been added into the mix. Currently Greg is 2/44 and Evelyn is 1/9.

Thank you!

i have the same problem…eve or greg… it’s a hard decision

Be sure to check this tool out if you haven’t. Anyone facing difficult decisions can use this tool to preview what heros look like when taking different routes in the class leveling system, thank you @Kamikaze_Assassin for this:

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