Advice wanted for Raid Defence team


Hello everyone,

First post in the forum. I have been playing for about 4 months and have acquired some decent heroes. Need advice on a raid defence team. Team strength is about 3,900. I usually try and raid teams where I can gain at least 35/40 cups. I always try and revenge raids so they don’t have the option to revenge me.

So here are my heroes so far:

Fully ascended: Level 5* - Lianna, Elena, Quintus
Level 4* - Kashhrek, Rigard,
Alaise 3 Tier Level 70 (need 2 telescopes)
Sartana 3 Tier Level 70 (need 3 Royal Tabards)
Marjana 3 Tier Level 5 (need 4 rings)
Caedmon 3 Tier Level 52 (have all ascension items)
Joon 3 Tier Level 43 (have all ascension items)

Wu Kong 4 Tier Level 49 (was getting him fully ascended before ascending Joon)
Bold Tusk 4 Tier Level 30
Grimm 4 Tier Level 36

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!


You should have Rainbow defence.

With your heroes i’d go to 4-80 without hesitation for Joon. He can’t be put Tank (not the best for that
Lianna is good for defence, i’d put her there.
Alasie would be your third. Grimm can be used for the time being until you have your telescopes

Then you’re wating for a nice purple and red.

Purple now Rigard is good. He’s a nice healer
Red until you have Marjana BT is your best try. Marjana could be used as Tank, BT until platina.

These are the heroes i would choose. Since you don’t have a 5* healer (vivica would be nice) i’d keep the 2 healers.

Just my 2 cents. :smiley:


I will ask why you care about a raid defense team. It is an honest question as the only reason I have seen is to be in an alliance with very strict rules about maintaining a level so the alliance can be top 100.

Is it that you eant to be on the leaderboard. If that is it, then look at those teams. I think Titan Mafia may have the breakdowns.

There is no other reason I can see for caring about a def team. This game is about attack, attack and more


I would go rigard, joon, Elena, Quintus, and lianna. It’s a solid defense that you can get up and running very soon. Then you can swap out once you can fully level a few of the other good heroes you have.