Advice wanted choosing which hero to level

Upto now I’ve levelled and am raiding with the first 4 star+ heroes of each colour I’ve received, and have been levelling the others as they come.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or help about my team and which other heroes to level.

Team 1 is used for my war and raid defense and main attack team as well. Do I have other heroes that could replace the ones I have to make a better/stronger team?

If all my heroes were at max level, what would be the optimum team?

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Proteus is a 4* game changer.

He is supreme against event bosses and great on raids.

He shuts down half an enemy team while you make hay.

A little squishy, but a real diamond.

You don’t appear to have a dispeller, so Sonya and/or Caedmon are also very useful in almost every situation.

Many people rate buddy too, but I don’t have the experience to comment on him

Move on to 5* when you have the materials and infrastructure to level them.

Magni and Joon are frequent favourites.

Hatter is another unknown to me.

Great roster, though. Enjoy.


Thank you for the advice @JonahTheBard . I’ll get working on levelling them, starting with Proteus. Which heroes would you replace on my existing team to account for Proteus and Sonya/Caedmon?

Proteus is not a very good defensive hero so Sargasso might still be best in that position.

But Proteus will help you complete quests and events, and so win materials for better heroes.

For your defence team, you could put Boldtusk in the centre and add caedmon instead of kashrek as a possibility.

Lots of Aeron love from me. I use him all the time for raiding in the tank position. If you don’t have ascension mats, Sabina is a generally good 4* healer and was my go-to healer for a long time. Kiril is also very useful

I hate the unpredictability, but Wu Kong is considered a must by many for titans.

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Thanks @JonahTheBard . I’ll give that a go.

@Missy1965 Thanks for the advice. I’ve nearly got Wu at max and am a few materials off being able to ascend Aeron, so will wait until I have all the mats.


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