Advice to rookies on selecting an Alliance


I’ve noticed with my Alliance that allows 600 trophies as a minimum but has a lot of level 30+ players that we loose a lot of new players who join that are not well matched to the alliance. While it might seem nice to join a really powerful group of players, your enjoyment is reduced because: 1) you are facing Titans that kill you off almost immediately 2) you become the target in wars for the enemy alliance 3) you are unable to enjoy battles in a war against often highly over-matched opponents. Instead, I would recommend that you join an alliance that more closely matches your skill level. This will allow you to progress along with the other teammates at similar pace. All, feel free to provide any other Alliance advice for rookies :slight_smile:


Good advice…we raise our trophy requirement as we grow for exactly that reason., although we are open to join. People can and do get frustrated when they feel like they are the weak link.


We welcome everyone regardless of level and trophy count. Some manage to keep up, some don’t. But this gives us new fuel to burn. Many of those who did start with us from scratch and kept up are now reliable members of our team. I think the fact that the alliance started from scratch and the first of us grew together might matter. I was level 4 when I started it, knew nothing about the game and never thought I’ll get above level 30 or that the alliance will grow from 1 to 30 members. Anyway I could have really used some more experienced advice back than, and that is why I try my best to make the newcomers feel at home even if they don’t make a real difference against titans or in war.


I agree that it’s probably not fun being the low guy on the totem pole but a well balanced alliance (higher, mid-level and lower teams), should still support you while you learn and grow.

I’m sure there are some alliances that prefer only stronger teams but there are also a lot who enjoy the enthusiasm that new players show, and they are very willing to help.

Some of our lower teams get the best war scores because we coordinate our attacks. They aren’t just sitting there begging for scraps, they play an important role of doing the clean up so the strongest teams don’t waste flags and can move on to stronger targets. Sure they are soft targets on the field but other players realize that their teams are still young and growing, and they’ve taken the advice of more seasoned players and put up the strongest defense possible for them.

A weaker team doesn’t do great on big titans, I agree. But again, if you fight the titan with every flag you can make up in volume what you lack in one strike hits and it’s noticed by the other players. Participation, activity and enthusiasm can make up for a lack of team power.

Don’t give up trying to find a good alliance for you, it makes all the difference in how you grow and enjoy your game.


Troll Akademi is a training alliance for beginners.

One lesson is how to find an alliance that you fit in and which will meet your needs.