Advice to replace my current squad

Hey buds,

My team includes and line Up left to right; Wu Kong - Little John - Boldtusk - Rigard - Grimm
Troops; blue and red are 2 stars, yellow and green are 3 stars, purple 4 stars

What is your advise to replace at least one strong attacker or defencer? It seems Boldtusk and Rigard are both healer and which is better to be replaced and instead of whom?

Thanks for comments advices in advance

Take a look at them both…which do you need on your team?

If you’re only looking at Healing, Rigard wins… :wink: Rigard also removes debuffs from your heroes, whereas Boldtusk boosts their attack…

Do you fight Titans or Raid? My choice would be different, depending.

Lastly, a reminder to keep ALL 3/4/5* cards for the upcoming Alliance Wars. :wink:


I think of heroes as adding depth, not as strict replacements. Examples:

Caedmon would be a good card for you. Against blue titans, you could swap him in for BT. In raids against teams with riposters (e.g. Boril) or with lots of buff casters (e.g. Alberich), Caedmon might replace LJ or another card.

Rigard’s spot could up for grabs, at least in some cases. Sabina combines Caedmon’s debuff trick with HP gains equal to Rigard, but with stronger tile damage. Merlin is a strong card both in raids and titans, if you happened to get him last month. You also want to think about what to bring against purple titans, when Rigard isn’t much use. Guardian Jackal (probably available next month) is a nice card, best paired with Joon or Chao. Even without those you’ll see huge tile hits on purple titans. Otherwise the 4* yellows are kinda meh, though Li Xiu is probably the strongest.

Any strong hitter would be a great option for your deck. You have Grimm to soften up the target, Wu and BT to +Att, but you don’t have a strong single-target hitter. 5* examples are easy: Joon, Lianna, Sartana, Marjana, Magni. 4* examples are less stellar: Chao, Caedmon, Kelile, Sonya. Event heroes are best examples of the strong 4* single hitters (Cabin Boy Peters, Falcon, Jackal, Merlin, Lancelot).


Raids will be priority.
If you were in my shoes and had one or max 2 move, which card you remove?

Magni for Grimm add ++Defence
Sabina for Rigard add ++Single hit?
Caedmon for L.John add ++Debuff enemy spells?
Buldtusk will keep in squad
Chao for Wu Kong ?

I am confused, it is such kind of “rock-paper-scissors” game. Whatever you choice it has butterfly effect,huh?

If you’re opening up the 5* box, then I’d want Sartana instead of Rigard and Joon instead of Wu.


I don’t think I asked at the outset. Which card(s) are you looking to bring in?

More healing or more killing? :wink:

I’m unfairly predisposed to keep Boldtusk, Grimm and Wu, though naturally there are other choices.

You said you want a team for Raid…who are you bringing in to replace that one or two cards?

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I got my result for my case (I think) I want to see in my squad Tiburtus or Sartana for Rigard and Caedmon for L.John. Maybe next other replacemnet would be Chao or Joon for Wu.

More killing :stuck_out_tongue:
It was me If I decide to move one of these healer which card will be the best as prior act? It seems Rigard may go and Boldtusk stay.

Well I use Boldtusk + Melendor… why not both? :wink:

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Might be but Melendor has weaker defence, health and mana speed. Caedmon seemed better card to me

I meant why not Boldtusk + Rigard. I run two healers a lot (BT + Melendor); not necessarily a problem to run BT + R, depending what else you have available :wink:


I really really REALLY want BT for titan fights. I love Rigard and he’s great in my raid defence team w/Boril even though I’m not a huge fan of raiding; makes it hard to get revenge if the players team power is less than 150 higher than mine.

Actually, I’m wondering if I should switch their position in the defence lineup? The current order is Wu/Rigard/Boril/Kadilen/Kelile, but Rigard is tankier at 4/1 than Boril is at 3/46 (he’ll probably stay there while I level Grimmy). Should I swap Boril’s and Rigard’s positions?

Try swapping for a day or two and compare your win results. If you start dropping rapidly, switch em back! I would leave all the others where they are.

If I use 2 healer, I have disadvantage of hitter which means less attack power to me. At least it seems me so :slight_smile:

It all depends on your own personal playstyle. If you’re a hard-charging attacker, two healers will not appeal to you. And that’s okay. :wink:

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First I should get Melendor or Caedmon to replace it to LJ. I was thinking of my next sumon move to get one i wish :smiley:

Heh…you get what the Game gods give you. :grin:

Good luck getting whichever you wish!

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Boril in the middle seem right lineup. Care attention ratio of Defence power / health (should defence strong and should not die quickly) If mana speed is faster is another good chance to generate mana when they are hit

Yea I knew but I have some trick and I pulled what i wanted in summoning in a few tries. :smiley: Thanks Game God loves me :stuck_out_tongue:

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