Advice to make the Best Defense Raid Team!

Hello everyone,

im struggling to find the best possible defense raid team. Thats why I need your help guys!!!

I will post my heroes and I hope you guys can help me to get out the best of it!

  1. I have enough material to level up all low level heroes (in case you think I have to level up a Hero!)
  2. Troops are 23!

Reply me with your best line up!
I thank everyone in advance and I hope for a lot of answers :slight_smile:

Gravey Ariel Telly Ona Jabs

would probably be the strongest to beat one for me.


Absolutely agree with @Olmor.


I think Olmor nailed it…

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Until now my best defense Team was: Magni C, BK, Tell, Grave, Jabber

As I see it:

Costume Magni – Gravemaker – Telluria – Onatel – Jabberwock

You could swith GM to Left wing & put Ariel in at left flank but I dont think that’s a great option because:

  1. You would have an entirely “average” mana speed middle trio… basically means that an enemy can dump tiles onto them without as much fear of retribution

  2. 2/3 of your centre three would be healers & comparably passive heroes.

By adding Magni Costume in you get multiple benefits over Ariel:

  1. More speed
  2. More damage
  3. Defence Debuff (will accentuate the power of all your other hitters).

Only other one who MIGHT muscle in on that setup would be Joon if you could pump him full of emblems… but I don’t think that any gain you get from putting Joon in will offset the loss of taking Jabberwock’s emblems away from him & hence off the defence team.

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Thank you alot for your idea and explanation @Guvnor !

Now imagine you could choose 1-2 heroes to put in this defense line up. Which 1-2 heroes would you choose?, how would the line up look like at the end? and why would you choose these heroes?

Im asking because I have a few gems and don’t know where I could spend them the best to optimize my defense

Ahaha any two heroes?

Well obviously Finley would be the best replacement for Ariel/ Magni. Him or Vela but she won’t be available again until December 2020 Atlantis.

Yellow could do with an upgrade too… Maybe Poseidon or Thor (when he’s released).

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